Hey. The Automatic Braking System(ABS) is real and it is self designed to destroy all the progress made so far!

Yes, the Automatic Braking System which gets activated the moment you gain some momentum is simply so unfair. Have you experienced a sudden shift in your progress all of a sudden – everything is going along smoothly and in less than 6hrs everything feels upside down?



This is the Automatic Braking System (ABS) in action.

Here is the trick for you to handle it, this is my ritual and I follow it everyday so that the ABS is avoided.

  • Be The Boss over your body – the moment you wake up stretch for 10mins
  • Be The Boss over your mind – read a nonfiction book for just 10 mins
  • Be The Boss over your space – clean your table, your office (even if it was cleaned the previous night)
  • Be The Boss over your mess – write down all the open cycles (any task you started and did not complete)

The intention behind this ritual is this, you will perform better in the presence of your boss. Right?

The logic is applied, you are telling your body, mind, space and messes that you are the boss and they better fall in line and be on their best behaviour.

The entire process for the above 4 steps will take you no longer than 30mins.

30mins to dominate the remaining 18hrs plus…it’s a no brainer.

This ritual of being the boss over your body, your mind, your space and your mess puts you on a higher tone of responsibility – thus leading to better production in your day.