I was looking at some of the photos from my university days and it just hit me that I had taken a loan of $25,000 and ended up paying more than $30,000 back to the bank.

This made me wonder what has my Master’s degree in Rocket Engineering and Satellite Communication helped me achieve?

Why did I choose this course and only to change my career, quit my job (with a loan to repay) and start a coaching business ( newly married) – Risking everything I studied for over a decade to do something…

  • Which no one I knew had started a coaching business back in 2012.
  • No friends or family members I could rely on for support or moral encouragement.

The real reason I chose to do what I did and have the courage to keep going in that direction is to –

“Help individuals have the power to become self-employed, have higher self-esteem for themselves and have the courage to be self-reliant, so that they can have the confidence to create their dream life with family and friends. When more people are able to do this then the basic reality of the planet changes. When more individuals do this then the entire planet’s energy goes up”

Of course, I did not know this reason when I started…the real reason became clear as the years went by.

Thought of sharing this with you.

What is your real reason to become a coach?