Hey. The most overrated message, here it is again with the intention you get it this time.

When I started off being a coach, it was not that easy – I used to have daily conflicts of inferior complexity, lack of self confidence and always felt others were better than me.

Being a coach is not easy – if it was easy everyone would do it.

The truth is that 99% of the coaches out there are below average and out of ethics struggling to generate results for their clients.

You on the other hand, love your job, love your client and really have the 1000% intention to help them.

The only thing that helped you reach this far is your intention to help.

Yes, your actions might not have got you the results you want, in the past…

  • Your attempt to run webinars may not have got you the sales you wanted
  • Your attempt to launch your website may not have gone as per plan (still not gone live)
  • Your attempt to your program may have not gone as per plan and lost a sale

If you look closely these are just bad results. It has nothing to do with your intentions.

Always focus on your intentions because that is what will help you get your actions right, you will keep attempting until you get your actions right.

Intention always beats actions!