Are you upset with your partner or feeling that pressure of having to be at home all day with your partner?

I have been there, I like my office space and I do not like anyone interfering with my office when I am working.

Now, because of Covid-19 I have to spend at home 99% of the time. This mindset caused my productivity to drop a huge bit in the beginning and soon something made me realise what is more important and how it plays a very very important role in the success of my business.

Relationships play a big role in building business or how you manage wealth or in fact how you attract wealth in your life.

I’ve been very lucky to have found Rashmi Nagesh who has been with me close to 20 years.

That strong foundation has made us become best friends which has helped us to overcome some tough times in life and also enjoy the memorable moments of life.

We have always played the game of life together with high willingness.

Rashmi Nagesh you are my Queen who adds stability and Joy to life. ❤️

You make me feel like a King and ensure I act like one.

Thank you for being in my life and accepting me for who I am and allowing me to find myself.