I started my coaching business journey in 2013, I used to be a Rocket Engineer working as an IT Consultant – my work was writing requirements and specification documents, reviewing the systems if it is fit for business.

As you can imagine this is not the experience for being a business coach.

When I started I focus on the things I did not have so I made a list –

  • I do not have enough experience
  • I do not have client testimonials
  • I do not have a major success
  • I do not have a speaking experience
  • I do not have a professional website

The entire list was focusing on my limitations and I asked the next question which helped me get started and get established as the best business coach.

I turned every limitation into an asset and forced myself to be creative and resourceful.

When I used my experience to be my greatest strength everything changed.

The same list became a different list..

  • I use my Rocket Engineering background to help you design business systems which will get you results faster.
  • Worked for the big companies paying my huge salary, now you can afford me too
  • Developed gradient of products for clients to get to know me
  • Worked with clients 1-1 to improve my speaking skills, attended more local networking groups and did videos
  • Create a first draft website, improve it along the way

You always have a choice to focus on the limitation.

The real game changer is when you use your limitation as your greatest strength and work on being resourceful.

Of course my business has changed over the 7 years but I could not have got here if I had not started off with my limitations.

What limitation is holding you back?

If you need my help to help you convert your limitation into an asset then let’s talk.