At times I feel like getting kicked in the nuts for just doing the same thing, feel rather frustrated for doing the same thing even though I know better.

Have you had the feeling of being on the same damn rollercoaster which takes you on a crazy ride of emotions, which questions your commitment to the cause and challenges the things you have built?

I had one such ride for the past few weeks.

Yes, I had a tough two weeks – I gave into my inner demons and that led me down the road which only takes me to lack of self confidence, question my achievements and even dare to shake my commitment to my clients and to you.


I am sure you can connect with me on this.

How to get off that road? The obvious answer – avoid the path all together!!

The truth is this, the bitter hard truth is – You and I cannot avoid that road, that rollercoaster which shakes the foundation of all the things dear and strong we have built.

You have to know this – the journey to that road is always an unnoticeable decline.

When you do notice you are on the road then you are halfway there already…

…so what is the way forward?

It’s simple, this is what I always do, have done to get predictable results.

Here is the simple, easy to remember, step-by-step guide how to navigate the road and get back to your A game –

Step 1:
Go to bed early, avoid all the urge to stay up late and work. The truth is, you know there would be ZERO productivity however you still hope simply by staying up, sitting in front of the computer you would somehow get work done. It’s not going to happen. You know that! So simply decide to go to bed early and go to bed. (No mobile phone in the bed room either)

Step 2:
Stretch your body, what every time you wake up spend 10mins stretching your body. Do simple, easy to perform Yoga for just 10mins. Say hello to the body, wake it up. Let the body know you are the boss and it needs to listen to you.

Step 3:
Write down what you hope to get done for the day. Keep the list less than 5. Once you have written select the first task you will take on and get started. Make sure you stay on the task for just 10mins of full focus at the beginning, if you can focus for 10mins then you most certainly can focus for a full hour or until the task is done.

Step 4:
Write down your win! Every Time you have improved, take a conscious step towards doing a task with the intention to become better, smarter and faster – you have to acknowledge it by writing it down. Validate your improvements, more the merrier. Does not matter if the improvement is small or big. This is a numbers game.

Step 5: Repeat the above steps everyday.

This is the real deal!

This is what is plain and simple to understand yet the urge to look for something more complex is strong – how can the road to success be so simple?

The truth is it is that easy and simple.