Hey. I used to think I am the king of bling!

Always going after the next shiny object.

Everytime I felt weak or lost a little bit of confidence in my own ability, I would seek to buy new tools or new programs hoping that the new thing would somehow magically help me get more clients.

Have you had the same experience?

Being a coach is not easy, you have to constantly sharpen your skills, be on top of your game and always be willing to face failures and rejections.

Nobody teaches these skills in school or in any certification. I have been a coach for over 7 years and

–> After helping over 1000 individuals personally launch their own coaching program
–> After selling over 1.3M of coaching products and workshop tickets
–> After working with Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and Raymond Aaron ..

I know now the single biggest factor that has helped me become a great coach and continue to improve and help my clients is sticking to the basics.

I avoid buying shiny objects.

I stopped being the King of Bling!

Here is a challenge for you – next time you feel low confidence in your abilities or feel disappointed about your progress and have the urge to invest in the next big program, take a moment, think ..”if you only had 1 week to make your coaching business a success would you invest your time and money in this program?”

When you ask this question, you would know the real truth.

Because my friend, where you want to go, the place of success, only the truth can get you there. Lies just delay you and worse, take you on a wrong path.