Hey! Hope you are having a great time!

How would you feel when you find £20,000 lying around in your own house and you did not know!!!

It’s crazy right!

Well that’s exactly what happened to me and my wife. This week, we were closing an open cycle and reconciling last year accounts and to our shock, which later became joy, we found out that we were not paid for one of our invoices worth little more than £20,000.

You might think that it does not happen to everyone, that’s true. The same cannot happen to everyone and will never be happy for everyone because the treasure is different to each person.

The key thing in this for you is to look for open cycles and messes in your life and when you close them, one by one you will find your treasure.

What are the types of open cycles and messes can you look for?

Digital – all the emails you have not responded to, deleted or opened, all the photos you have taken – not shared, duplicated deleted, you can clear your downloads folder.

Physical – the objections in your house you have not used for a long time, clothes you have not worn or not in use.

Spiritual – promises you have made and could not follow through, tasks you have started not completed.

As you can see the above list is just a start to give you an idea on where you can look for your treasures.

My favourite time pass is to look for treasures in my life, my business, my wardrobe, my emails and my journal.

Now you know one additional way to find treasures in your life.

Happy Hunting.