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Hey, here's another episode on Daily Dynamo.

This is going to boost your income and boost your sales.

This is one of my best principles.

That's why it's a principle.

It's one of the key principles on how you can go from amateur to professional as a professional, because I know you want to be good.

You want to help others as a coach.

You want to share your wisdom, share your knowledge and help others. And this is one principle you need to have in order to become professional at it because professionals are paid more.

So I want you to go from amateur to professional.

And there are 19 principles.

I covered one in the past episodes and today I'm covering the second one.

What is the second principle to go from amateur to professional?

There's a key thing, but the principle is very simple.

It's to show up no matter what.

That's right.

To show up, no matter what it means is when you say you're going to do something, do it. Regardless of all in all invitations, all urges to not do it.

Never surrender, never accept, always show up, whether it's for meetings with your clients or whether that's meeting with your friends, always show up, because how you do one thing is how you do everything.

So notice that if you are not if you're failing to show up for one will, you would see a pattern of a similar thing happening in

both professional and personal life.

So that's why you need to be aware of which of these areas you're not showing up.

So that's why I just show up in all areas, because this is a key factor which will actually have a direct, direct impact on your sales.

And I always show up and here's the mind blowing. But you need to show up even for your own plans.

What does it mean?

Like, let's say you decide the night before that you want to get up at 8:00 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m. or 6:00 a.m., whatever time. Show up even for your own plans, even when you have when you want,

You win when you say you're going to get up the next day.

Show up for yourself.

Always show up, because that's the key thing.

That's the one thing which sets you apart from all the other amateurs.

Will you instantly become a professional when you have this one principle?


Let's take an example of all the professional athletes out there, any sport, any athlete with a top of the game, even not, are not necessarily top of the game.

Any athlete who's playing in the professional league, they always show up.

And let's take it somewhere closer to home, your job, if you're working or when you are employed, you would have to show up for the job. You would give excuses, regardless of what was happening in your life, you would always show up. And that's the way you need to treat your business, your coaching business, your virtual business, where you have made a commitment to yourself that you will help others to.

Then you're going to have to simply show up even for yourself and for your clients, even for meetings with your team members.

Show up regardless of any invitations, any urges to not do so.

Apply this and succeed and master this principle and you will see how your life and suddenly change and you will become a professional coach.

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