The biggest challenge being a virtual coach, working from home is not getting clients, filing tax returns or steady income. These are important however if you do not handle this one big issue then you will not be able to sustain the success you want. How do you manage relationships with spouse and kids so that they bring out the best in you and you in them? It is easy to have rules and a plan however you know they all go out of the window with kids. Once you know the problem you will solve it because you need to if you want to to build the dream life you so want?

  • This episode is different to the rest, I talk about something that had affected me before and almost put me off track from my success.
  • Find out the new teamwork model you need with your spouse for you to succeed.
  • There is only one uphill battle for you to make everything easy, you will get 2 simple steps on how you can have an harmony to attract more clients and joy in your life.

Created this podcast for you, this saved my marriage and my life.

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