I am sharing the tools I use in my podcast. Have broken down the process into 3 simple steps which will allow you to immediately streamline your tasks. The tools I share both FREE and on a budget so you can choose which ones to go for. Tools I use Content Creation: GSheet and Google Keep. Production - OBS Studio / Wondershare UniConvertor . Communication - Canva / Trello / GSheet / Publer / ActiveCampaign / FB Group.

  • The 3 steps in creating podcasts, miss one then you get caught in the loop of procrastination. Tools I have shared are both
  • FREE and paid (budget).
  • You can use what you learn in this podcast to produce videos and other content as well.

Struggling with content creation? Listen to this podcast as I have covered the simple steps and the tools I use to create podcasts (120 episodes and counting...)

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