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Hey, in the previous Daily Dynamo episode, I talked about seven reasons why your clients are getting results in today's episode. I want to talk to you about ethical selling. It's missing in today's coaching world. I've been sold so unprofessionally and I just don't like the product. So similarly, I want to help you sell ethically so that your clients will love you for that. So what does it take to sell ethically? Let's find out.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business at the same time. Overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients. Hey, this is Chinmai Swamy, a host at Daily Dynamo. What are we going to cover in today's episode about ethical selling, ethical selling?

I do a workshop for the whole day. Well, today, just a few minutes, I want to talk about the key. One thing you need to do every time you sell is one, you need to know that your product works for your program. You must be sold on your program that if you love your program, it works and you genuinely get results for your client. I know you do all of that. I know you love as a coach.

You're so proud of your solution. You're so happy that this works for you now. So in terms of selling at the point when you're actually presenting your offer to your prospect, it's important that, you know, it is critical for your own business to never find fault in your client. You know me because I teach you the science behind it. You know, in a few minutes, imagine, how would it feel if you go to buy a car, like, let's say you're going to buy a car.

You're about to buy an amazing cardio saved money all your life and you buy a car. And then at the point of giving your keys, the car dealer, the salesman tells you, you know what, if I saw you, you're not that great in turning corners. I just saw your current car. You have a lot of scratches. Just make sure you don't do this with this car. You know, you're be careful with the car. You know, it's very powerful.

So you might cause an accident. You might get into trouble. If you get into a mindset of finding fault in you, you might buy the car, but you will never get results. You might just be so scared to drive the car. You might just be. Putting the garage to not take it out for a spin, and that's what will happen to your clients, though, and also take another scenario..

People were saying, oh, I saw this website. I saw your website. I found seven mistakes on your website. I jump on a quick call. I will help you out to rectify it. I get this all the time. They look like I get these emails on Deum on my Instagram which talks about, hey, I saw you, I saw you. We are doing it on Instagram. It's amazing what you're doing. It's lovely.

I found seven mistakes which you should avoid are three mistakes you should avoid which are losing clients for you. If you jump on a call I will quickly show you another one is hey I join your Facebook group. It's amazing. I did a quick audit for you and you don't have that many engagements. It's not working out for you, so I can help you with that. So if you want to know how I can monetize your Facebook group, then jump on a call with me.

You see, this is so unprofessional. You know, it's a sales call. It's so sleazy. It's so like that's why and I hope you are not doing it and I request you not to do it. So unethical at the point of sale. When you're selling, you're making a relationship, you're fine. You're making a friendship with this new client. You're rich at that point when you're fine, making friendship with the client, you can't form a relationship on Bye finding fault in the other person.

You can only form relationships with finding greatness, goodness in the other person. And that and your prospect will love you for it and you prosper will buy from you not because of what you can give, which they're lacking, but they will buy from you what from where you both can go together by forming a relationship, by forming a new alliance. Your prospect will buy from you because you show them a new themselves, a new version of themselves which you will be working with them to get to go there.

That's why your prospect buys from you. That's ethical selling. That's what gives them the courage to to believe in you, to know that you're there for them. Imagine and in their whole life, their family, their friends, their peers, their and their businesses, their whole everything in their life is telling them they can't go from A to B. You are the person who's going to tell them no. In spite of all that, in spite of all the challenges, you will take them from A to B and you can.

And that's why they buy from you. That's why they see you at high regard as a coach. They see you at such a high level and you have to give them that goodness so that ethical selling is finding the goodness in your client, not by finding fault. So if you want to know how to ethically sell, send me an email, connect with me and I will teach you how to ethically sell. It's not so difficult. It's like making a new friend, that's all.

And that's what I want to tell you. Like, there are a lot of things which can go wrong in fulfillment. But when you sell them the right way, your client, when you want, when you don't fulfill the right, your client will come and say, hey, what happened? Come on, you're not like this. You're so amazing. Come on, let's do this together. Your clients will encourage you because you as a coach, you know, life happens.

You know, sometimes you might drop an oddball and your client will not criticize you. Your clients will not come back at you and say, you know what, you promise me this. I want my money back. You told me you're this good. You're making this mistake. Oh, come on.

You're just you're just another scam. Now, all of that will go away because you're inspiring your client. Your client will love you and you will love your client. You will form an amazing friendship. You both will grow at exponential levels. That's what ethical selling is. Well, you know, now what it takes to sell ethically. Well, I love this. I love what you're doing as a coach. You are so passionate about what you're doing and you want to take your business to the next level.

I'm here to help you. Well, I wish you all the best. I know how challenging it is. And Daily Dynamo is just for you to give you the simple strategies, which works every time to make your life a bit easy. That's what I've created Daily Dynamo for. Hope you're loving it. I'll see you in the next episode. Hey, this is Chinmai Swamy, your host at Daily Dynamo.

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