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Hey, in this Daily Dynamo, I want to talk about a sequence. In the previous episode, I spoke about how to get solutions for your clients. Now I want to talk about why, what's the reason, why your clients don't get results? Seven reasons why your clients are not getting results. This episode is just for you.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business at the same time. Overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, when you clients don't get results, it's painful because you really wanted them to get results. What worked them as a team? You've created a friendship with them and they're not listening to you and it hurts you.

When they stop getting results, what else happens along with feeling bad is that you start to lose confidence in your product and solution and you start to avoid selling and getting more clients. So it becomes a vicious cycle of eventually not getting clients. So let's get results for your clients. And I guarantee you results in all my coaching programs. I know it's crazy and I have that much confidence in the way I coach to my clients is that anyone who joins my coaching programs, I guarantee them.

I guarantee them results all the time. How can you get that level of certainty into your coaching programs? Seven reason. It started, the seven reasons as to why why you don't think so, the first reason is it happens at the point of sale and when the point of sale, when you are making a sale, make sure you are not invalidating. You know, you're not finding fault in them. You're not invalidating them, are saying, you know what these are things wrong with you and I will help you with this.

That's not how you sell the moment you make someone feel like a loser, make someone feel like there is something wrong with them. They are low. They feel like something is missing. And once with that idea with them and you cannot make them whole, no matter how much you do to get the sale, to get the money, if you make them feel like something is wrong with you. This is doing you are doing this.

That's not right. You're doing this. That's not going to get you results. You have to you need me as a coach. When you go with that attitude, you might get the sale. You might pressure them to buy the sale, but you are not going to get them results to change your selling sell more ethically. That's the first. Second reason is selling them an incorrect product, selling them something at too steep or too low. It's too steep gradient as something which just to get the sale you're selling them are very expensive.

Not just in terms of money expensive, but also too big of a result. If like, for example, I just have two programs in my offering. One is a get virtual clients where I help you to teach, get virtual coaching clients. Second is a 10k launch pad where I teach you how to get ten, ten thousand dollar results in your coaching program. But if you come to me and if you have never sold a coaching program, if you have never sold a 500 dollar coaching program, not a fulfillment program, not a marketing agency fulfillment where you're fulfilling something, it is your your job coaching program is paying getting paid for your advice.

So if you have never done that, then I would never sell you 10k, 10k launch pad because it's too steep for you. I will tell you get virtual clients. And if you if you don't do that, then I won't hire you as a client because that's because I want you to get on a gradient which you can afford, not just offer in terms of money but afford in terms of the instructions I give you in terms of the growth you can handle.

So second step, second reason is the selling increased gradient. At third, the offer, the coaching program which you are selling doesn't have the T&M. I teach the ATM profit machine is how you create coaching programs which create Win-Win for both. So in the in that ATM, the T and the M is called the tools and templates. T stands for tools and templates, which basically gives them all the gadgets, tools, checklist, file templates, anything which gets them results faster that you have not included that.

And M is for mindset that there is a mindset element which keeps them accountable and motivated. If you don't have the T and the M, then they're not going to get results. So that's a third reason. The fourth reason is the solution is not a straight line. You have amazing content, but it's spread everywhere. There is no straight line for them to go. Okay, step one, step two, step three, step four there is no sequence that's missing so that you need to get your get your solution in order.

So when in a straight line, that's when your clients will get easy for them to get results as well. The next one, the fifth one is not enough exchanges. That means there's not enough communication between you after the point of sale. You have not communicated. You have not sent a personal message. You have not re connected with your prospect saying, hey, how are you doing? I know, I know. We exchange on on, on the ASM calls.

But I just want to personally talk to you because when I spoke to you, when you invested in the product, I want to connect with you and ask you how you're doing, how's how's your family and how you think I can help you to get results faster and having that exchange, having that communication, reaching out to them in your Facebook group, mentioning them personally on in some calls or listening or sending a private email or a WhatsApp message, just checking on checking on with them, that makes a big difference so that you need to have those engagement with them.

That's the fifth one. The sixth is there is not validation of improvements. What that means is every time your client gets an improvement at Timir, it's OK. Big, it's OK. It's the it's not how big the improvement it is the number of improvements. If they get an improvement, it's as for you, it's for you. You might feel it's so small, but for them it's big. You have to invalidate, so you have to validate their improvement, so if there are not enough validations, then they don't feel like they have achieved.

I don't feel like they're improving. So you have to make them validated by the only way they can truly validate themselves is they must share their improvement, their win in your group, in a safe space. So you have to give them a safe space where they share their success, share their improvements. I can be a WhatsApp group. It can be a Facebook group of all the members who are in the same journey. So you can give them that safe space.

So they feel like, wow, I know they feel that they are improved. And that's the sixth reason. So if you are not doing this, your clients are not getting results, then the seventh reason is you have to be the reason why you both came into an agreement that you will be their coach and they will be the client. That means the product. The coaching program brought you both together. The coaching program is serving you a purpose.

It's giving you money. And the coaching program is giving your client a solution. Is giving them a a. Yeah, a solution. Now it's serving them a purpose. So there are two purposes here. Giving them a job, helping them with the challenges and helping you with money so that to purposes. Now, if their purpose has changed, let's say they have a the join the coaching program to unlettered to get engagement in your Facebook group. Now, let's say they join you for your coaching program to get more clients.

OK, let's say look. And now suddenly they got a new idea and they're getting clients from a completely different venue and a completely different area. Now start to run Facebook ads. OK, now. Your coaching program is no longer valid for them because they are their purpose of getting new clients is being sold by something else. So your coaching program is is redundant for them. So you have to reconfirm the purpose. So when a purpose is like that to a client is not getting results, the client is getting results, but somewhere else.

So you need to be in touch with them. So you need to reestablish the connection with them, with the coaching program so that they redefine a purpose. Your coaching program, if it's not serving the purpose, then give them another purpose, add something else to the coaching program unique to them and sell them a different product. Transfer funds from this coaching program to another coaching program which gives them results. And that way they will be with you. They will love you.

They will kind of continue to get results from your coaching program from you will be able to get results in their life. And these are seven reasons when you when you why you don't get results for coaching clients. So that's it. When you apply these seven, when you are aware of these seven areas of your business, you will get results quickly for your clients that it's that that's how simple it is. That's why I guarantee results for my coaching programs.

And yeah. And you can do the same and you can and be amazed as to how your your clients will love you and how they get results. Thank you for listening. I'll see you in the next episode. Hey, this is Chinmai Swamy, your host at Daily Dynamo.

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