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Hey, today's episode of Daily Dynamo, I want to talk to you about what almost killed Daily Dynamo. That's right. This is the most important episode because we had 90 episodes. I posted 90 episodes. And then for the next two months, there were no episodes. So what happened? Something happened which almost killed Daily Dynamo. So stay tuned.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business at the same time. Overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health and Chinmai Swamy. And welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get Virtual clients.

Hey, this is Chinmai Swamy, your host at Daily Dynamo. In today's episode I want to talk about what is the key thing which coaches like you and me do often to ourselves in our business, which kills the momentum, which destroys any progress you and I have made. I want you to think of a situation where you're actually gaining momentum. You're actually being so enthusiastic about a particular topic, a particular program, a website, any project you've taken on your business when starting a coaching business or creating an online course, any of that, like, you know, in that progress in that area, you're starting a project with full momentum.

And then all of a sudden there is a drop in productivity. There is a drop in creating the speed in going from A to B. There is suddenly a disruption. That is, the symptoms of that position is that you have either fallen ill or you have got distracted by something more important or your day suddenly becomes too busy or clients are calling you, which they have not called you for months. Anything suddenly comes out of the blue and stops you from going from A to B, achieving your current completing a project.

What I want to think of that project, I'm sure you can think of one now hold on the project. There is one thing which is the same thing that happened to me with Daily Dynamo. I created, launched about 90 episodes of Daily Dynamo, the powerful episodes, over 100 views on all each of the episodes, averaging about 80 to 90 hours between each episode. So it's an amazing podcast. People love it. Coaches like you love it.

So why did I kill it? Why did I stop creating content for two or three months like there was no there was no content in November, December and now on January 20, almost 30. First I've created this podcast episode. Wow. What happened? Here's the thing. I started to find fault in it. That's what started it. The key thing which started was I started to find fault in it. I looked for things to not to improve, but to find fault and then to fix it.

Improvement is different. Finding faults and fixing is different. Fixing is “something is not working”. Something is bad and you want to make it good. Improvement is something that is good and you want to make it better. When I looked at an episode, I looked at a sequence of episodes and for some instant, for some reason I looked for something bad and I wanted to make it good. And that moment when I invalidated that idea, I lost the willingness to fix, to get back at it.

And I wanted to think of how many times you have lost projects, you have to drop off an amazing project just because you found something faulty or you agreed to someone else's decision. Someone else looked at your project and said, hey, you know what, that's not good. You need to fix this. Or, you know what? This is not right. This is not the right timing. Someone's given you advice when your coach, when your mentor, whoever it is, the moment anyone invalidates your project and you accept that invalidation or you and you invalidate yourself when you accept it, you suddenly it's in.

Within a few days, you just drop all your enthusiasm and willingness to do that goes away. Same thing happened to me. Now here's how you fix it. That's how I took me three months to fix it. And I'm back at it with full force. There is amazing improvement. I fixed it right now. I know it's going to stay. That's the power of doing this drill, which I'm about to share. Now, when you find something which you have killed by accepting an invalidation either you dropped the project or shut down the project or you're just not willing to to open the file, not willing to communicate with it, not willing to touch it, not willing to not even turn your head in the direction of anyone who talks about you of the project.

You just cut off the communication because it's too painful. So how to get off that, the simple thing is I want you to write down a list of all the good things about you, all the good things, nothing to do with the project, all the good things about you. Every day I want you to list down three amazing things, good things about you for a week every day. It has to be different. You need to do that for one week, every day in the same piece of paper, like the first three rows, something different of why you're good and next three rows, something different, why you're good and how amazing you are.

You have to do that. Twenty one rows of twenty one points of how good you are. You need to read that, you need to do that for one whole week once you have done so. Seven days. Three points. It's twenty one points. You do that next week. The second week you need to. Right now you have gained some. At the end of that one week you would know you have gained some amazing insights. Now with that new courage, with that new insight about yourself, you're going to write down the list, the name of the project you had cut off and stopped communicating four months ago or years ago or decades ago.

Write that. Take the courage to write that name of the project on top of the sheet and do the same exercise for another seven days. Three things amazing about that project, why you want to get the project done. Like why is a project so amazing for you? How will it help you? How will it help your clients? How will it help your life? All the things are amazing about the projects. OK, so keep things in Iraq.

How will this project change your life? How will this project change my life? You need to write. You need to write. Right, right, right, right. And here's the thing. At the end, if you cannot find anything amazing about the project, you can safely say no more projects. You can safely close the project if you find something amazing has to do with how amazing it can change your life, then continue doing that for a week.

OK, here, because if that project is if you can't find anything good about the project that how it can change your life, then that project is obsolete in your life, you can safely just terminate. If you do find something amazing about the project, then continue writing about three good things that your life will change from the project every day for seven days, different unique one, unique points. So you have twenty one points over there. So you have two sets of twenty one points.

One one set of the first part of the drill is to write three things amazing about you, something good, amazing about you every day, unique for seven days. So that's twenty one next. After that you're going to write three things. I mean you're going to get good out of it. What are you going to benefit from the project from four three. Think three things every day for seven days during that drill. If you don't find anything then you know the project is obsolete.

You can get rid of it. If you find something amazing, continue now, that's how you feel. That's how I started for Daily Dynamo and I got amazing ideas from it at the end of it. Now I have Daily Dynamo episodes every day. And second, as I've added another layer to it called the Dynamic Duo, but I will be interviewing amazing coaches like yourself wherever you are. You have a successful coach starting off coach. Whether you have achieved seven figures or you've started forefingers, wherever you are, I'll be interviewing you because I want to talk to you.

I want to love you. I want to share your message to the world because it's I want you to know that you don't have money in your bank account. Doesn't doesn't tell you how powerful you are. It is what you're willing to share with the world when you are willing to share money will come to you. Money is not an indicator of how strong you are. That's what I want. So there you will find coaches on this podcast call in episode named Dynamic Duo who are starting off as coaches and who have made multi million dollars and coaches.

They will find a wide range of coaches in different areas. So you will find they will share their strengths. They will share their stories. And so you will know that you are among coaches and you and how amazing it is to be a coach and change the world. And that's what you and I are. We are amazing people who have a passion to use our skills, use your skills to change, to help another person. And that's what Daily Dynamo is all about.

And that's the new Daily Dynamo, which came about by doing the two step drill, which I just shared with you. And that's what I want to tell you. Now, take a look at any project which you have almost cut off, closed or killed. And listen to this podcast and you will find it amazing how you will bring life into dead projects. Well, that's it. That's it. Thank you for listening. And this is Chinmai Swamy.

I'll see you in the next episode.

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