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Hey, in this episode of Daily Dynamo, I'll be revealing a secret of how you can be a superhero, how do you get superpowers?

That's revealed in this episode. Stay tuned.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business? At the same time, Overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy. And welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, this is Chinmai Swamy, welcome to another episode of Daily Dynamo in this episode. I have a special special secret to share with you and that has helped me gain my superpowers. And also, when I don't apply this or apply this in the opposite direction, I have seen my powers drained away. I will tell you that. you will also be able to connect and recollect a moment when you also felt empowered and also drained.

So, OK, here's the thing. Superpowers are there and it's for you to collect. There are unlimited superpowers and you can collect them. It's in your pockets. You have the full ability.

How do you get superpowers now?

You need to make that right now.

What are the superpowers?

You want to make a list of all the superpowers.

You want to have flexible powers like being grateful, earning a million dollars, creating content every day, writing emails, which actually make your business success, make your life beautiful, helped you to create the lifestyle you want.

Those are the superpowers.

I'm not talking about flying around to the sun and coming back with superpowers, which actually helps you make become a super human in your own world where you can, like, spend time with your family, take them out and come back and have a webinar and make six figure sales, like do a lot of things in one day and you feel like, oh, wow, that's super power life.

So write down the list of all the superpowers you think you need right now, writing better sales copy, having awesome sales, getting better at phone sales and having amazing websites, ability to create websites, and all the superpowers you need and also how it can be professional and personal.

Everything, all the superpowers you need right now and then where do you get them. You get them by finding it in others. That's right.

When you find it in another person, when you find them, you win. The moment you see and admired a superpower, another person, even if it's a competition, even if it's your friend, even if it's another industry, if it's your neighbour.

Doesn't matter when you can find one superpower from your list in another person.

You admire that ability. You compliment them, you validate that superpower and you say, wow, that's amazing. They do it so beautifully and you admire everything about that person.

That superpower comes to you. And the more you do it, that superpower becomes stronger and it stays with you for longer.

That's the secret. The secret is to compliment, to validate others is to admire another person for that power, the same power you want to have when you cannot win, you can see it in others.

It becomes yours.

You can find it in you.

That's the simple secret. That's it.

Now, how does it counter act or how can it work against you that when you can find fault in others, when you can look at others and if that's not right, this is they are doing it so wrong.

Oh, look at how unprofessional it's done. You find faults in your to competition and you find fault in your neighbour and you fight arguments that drains your superpowers.


So when you say, oh, that wasn't so bad with painting your superpower, your existing superpower of painting drains away. So if you want to keep your superpowers, validate and compliment others, and if you want to gain more superpowers from your list, then look at it, look for it in another person. And that the moment you look at it, it comes to you.

It's that simple.

You can become the superpower. You can become any superhero you want. So now you know how to create a life you always want with superpowers. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next episode of Daily Dynamo.

This is Chinmai Swamy, your host at Daily Dynamo. Be sure to follow and subscribe for new and energetic episodes.

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See you in the next episode. Bye.

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