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In this episode, you will learn how to brand yourself as the "Go To Coach", the "Go To Expert" in your industry. Without doubt, this episode will change the way you brand yourself.

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OK, now here's the message.

How do you brand yourself?

Well, how do you brand yourself as a coach?

See, there are two ways to get branded. And there are two ways I see out there, and there's only one way that actually gets success, and I didn't know that. And I only when I changed my own brand in the last couple of years, I knew that this branding, this technique is the only thing that works.

OK, so the first way I start to brand myself as the branding guy and the marketing expert and the systems guy and I used to brand to get clients. I'm not saying no, that's not working, but I had to brand myself as the branding has to be very creative, I love being creative and I use my business strategies and my systems building abilities and I was getting clients like that, but I was really not that great.

I used to struggle to help, struggle to explain what I do. The sales funnel would take longer to convert.

So I was like, OK, something's not right. And I don't like because I was focusing on the subject. I was focusing on what is my topic. My branding was on the topic and I changed from subject to solution.

Do you understand?

I want to go from subject matter expert to a solution generating expert and then my brand. Immediately I started to focus as to what solution would like will I get for my clients.

That's what I'm going to focus on.

What solution that I will back.

All my products will be aligned to that one solution. What is that outcome I want my clients to achieve?

That's what I focused on, solution based branding. I went from subject based to solution based branding. So I used to go from being branding and technique as a systems guy into I help you to get your first $1000 coaching client.

That's my solution.

Everywhere I introduce myself, ask what do you do Chinmai Swamy I help you to get your first $1000 coaching client, like what is that about? If you are coaching business, I'd get your first $1000 coaching client for your program. I sell by the hour, yeah, I know, that's why I'm puzzled by the other, you're always going to be selling.

If you sell a program, you will make profits and your client will get more value. That's why when selling a higher priced coaching program is more valuable for both.

Win - Win and that's my brand, I focused on the solution and all my workshops, all products and the way I structure of the reduced structure, the gradient of my products, all targets like not fixed, all aligned towards that one goal. Help you to sell your first thousand dollar coaching program.

OK, that's it. That's it.

There's nothing else if you don't have a $1000 coaching program, I'm the guy will help you get that. And that's how I went from subject matter branding to solution based branding. My business just skyrocketed. I want you to do the same.

I want to take a look and how you can go from subject to solution. Which you can quantify, because if you're a solution, you can promise, you can back it up, you can measure. You can actually like, make a promise, make an agreement.

That's what money is, you're making an agreement with your client.

Well, that's it.

So that's the branding I wanted. Did you go from subject matter to solution generating branding?

I hope you enjoyed this. And thanks for watching.

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