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In this video, I'll be talking about how you can get clarity in any task, any project you get started. Once you get clarity, you know, you will complete it.

How do you get that?

This video will reveal the secret.

Stay tuned.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business at the same time overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, welcome back.

This is another episode of Daily Dynamo,

this is Chinmai Swamy, your host and this episode. Well, actually, the reason why I'm doing this episode is I was having a a business mastermind session with my brother. And he's an amazing guy with Facebook ads. I was going through funnels with him about my next product and I was going through different variations. I have this amazing software which I used to stimulate different outcomes of possible outcomes of the funnel, and I'm just going through each one.

And then he just asked me, Hey Chinmai, Why don't we just test it one and then see how it goes from there, then we'll get all the clarity that it hit me.

Oh, my God, that is so true. Abhay, you're amazing. That's the name of my brother. So I decided to do this Daily Dynamo video for you to share a one simple strategy, which is clarity comes from taking action.

That's true.

And here's another example.

My client called me today and we were having a coaching session. And then she told me that she's always wanting to do this baking business for her to teach for moms how to start their own baking business. And then suddenly after she was holding on for months and years, doing from starting teaching them, doing the her first like workshop and after several months of coaching and giving her that.

And she immediately got and coached and did a first like workshop. And then after that, she got clarity on what the real businesses and now she knows of businesses cannot easily three times just three times the revenue every month.

She knows that when I know.

That's amazing.

So all of this clarity like this success came from clarity and this clarity came from taking action.

So she didn't know the business decision she would take until she did the first workshop. Similarly, you wouldn't know what product you need to have in your funnel as a coach, whether you want to do which workshop, what kind of High-Tech coaching product you want to have, what kind of online courses you want to make.

You don't know you wouldn't know that clarity before you even start and before you wouldn't sell one.

So if you were spending more time in actually reviewing your plan, your business plan and not actually taking action, you're actually wasting time and leaving money outside. Best way to get money in the best way to get clients is to take action only through action and get clarity.

So clarity of your goals is from taking action, from chasing your target. Clarity of your path comes from walking, taking the journey, clarity of your words comes from speaking it. Clarity of your purpose comes from pursuing it.

So. Go, take action. Whatever you have in mind that you want to change this world and share your knowledge, share your expertise and help another person get better and along the way make some money.

Yeah, you're in the right place.

Never in the world. That has been a place where virtual business is accepted. Doing coaching sessions on Zoom's accepted. People who are not going online are going online now. Now is the time for you to start your virtual coaching business.

And this is it.

This is the only time you have my friend. So go and take action. You will get at all the clarity you ever want.

Thanks for watching.

I'll see you in the next Daily Dynamo.

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See you in the next episode. Bye.

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