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In this episode, I'll be talking about a very common mistake made by many entrepreneurs about when they're having problems in the business or something, the stock, they get blocked and they do this rather than use this approach and they don't get the results. And this video will help you overcome any blocks, failures in life. This video is just for you,

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business? At the same time, Overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, this is Chinmai Swamy, welcome to another episode of Daily Dynamo. And if you liked the previous episodes, make sure you've subscribed and this episode you're in for a treat. Those are my favorite episodes, because when I was creating this topic, I was like, wow, this is amazing.

I want to listen to it. And this is one of the strategies which helped me. So I used to always have this approach that when every time I stop doing the videos or I stop myself, I had a failure in my website launch or my clients want to ask for a refund or my clients are unhappy or my team members are not working properly, they are not being efficient, then I know those are the problems.

And like my body, my relationships, Any of these are having problems. Then what I would do is I actually go, in the past, I would go to the actual point of the problem, like if I would have a website failure or actually go to the website failure, the code, the server, The time, the page was loaded with all of the scripts, the team, the WordPress, all of that, I would go there and actually fix that.

What the problem would occur again, then I'd be like, OK, what's the issue here? Same thing happened with Facebook ads. If I would launch, then if there was a problem with conversions and I would go and handle the conversions to what's happening, then why is it getting rejected or why?

How can I improve it?

But that was never the solution. That was a fix. That was a quick hack. Those similar problems were repeating as a pattern of similar problems. I'm sure you can relate to having a problem in life, but once you fix it, similar type of problems would occur in different walks of your life in different varieties or different times.

The similar problem, but not the same like

like, you know, something was messy, something if a video was getting deleted, then when you when you created video, then let's say your phone memory would be losing videos as well, or your emails are getting lost or you're not able to find those files.

You see there's a pattern of similar problems. Now, the problem, what I should do before is going to handle that.

That's not that I would never get that. When you go with that approach, you're thinking the problem has occurred at this point. If this is a timeline, the problem has occurred here.

That's the symptom of the problem.

The problem is always prior and always before the symptom. So you must always go back and observe as to if this is a symptom, if this is the manifestation, a symptom of the problem, what is the real problem?

Once you identify the real problem, only then the whole problem goes away. If the problem persists, then that is a prior symptom. So I go back and back and back until I can find the real problem.

I'll give you an example.

I would stop myself from making these videos. I would stop or find some issue. Every time I sit down to create a video, I would be lost for topics.

I would be fully disorganized. Something would come and I would think I would start blaming the camera, the lighting, the equipment, the mic, the settings in the back are not right.

I would start blaming other things or I'm not motivated enough. or the timing of the day is not right.

I was looking for things to blame.

I was thinking I was solving this problem. But the real issue was something else was organization. The flow was to make sure I am continuous about these to continuously be able to create these videos.

Once I look to fix that problem about having a simple process, about having a worksheet and proper log of all the video, the topic, the ideas, how I plan them once I created those, not only am able to create these videos effortlessly, other aspects of my business have streamlined, smoothen and team members who are struggling, who I was struggling to get productivity out are producing like fifty times more than what they were doing before, all because I went back prior to the problem, to look at what was the real cause.

So that's how I was able to solve it. So if you have a similar problem, if you're having the same problems, then might your urge to solve that particular issue.

You might need to. You might need to do it to handle it at that moment. But keep in mind, you have never resolved it. You've just handled it temporarily.

You have to still focus, look for the prior calls, what happened before, what caused it. Then again, go prior to that. Until you know that you have caused it, you have identified the problem. And once you find the problem, it just goes away.

Once you shine light on the problem, it goes away and that's how simple and beautiful it is. Well, all my strategies, in fact, all I run my business and the topics I teach are based on this approach, on the mindset.

And my whole business is worked on two aspects.

One is money and one is mindset.

So all my courses, all my topics are covering one aspect, which is money, which is how to start a business, handle business, how to get client sales, marketing money. All of that is about money because money is a measure of how many people you have helped then having a successful business.

What do you need to do that operating systems process team members how to hire, how to efficiently deliver markets and all of that impacts how much you can help, in fact, affecting how much income you can generate similarly.

Other side is mindset. How I add to my spiritual mindset, how I approach it, what is the attitude towards what kind of motivation, how what kind of mindset I have?

Like all of that is the mindset. So if you have money and you don't have the mindset, it just collapses. And if you have a positive mindset all the time and you don't have money, you're not going to be that positive very long. So you both need to have the ability to earn money and have the ability to have this spiritual mindset. So I covered this both and that's how I came up with this idea of strategies as having if you have a problem, you need to go prior.

So the problem is in the physical universe, the problem is in the money or in the business. The cause is always in the mindset, always in the spiritual universe. Yeah, I dropped in two words physical universe and a spiritual universe.

I've just realized I have covered a different topic into one into this episode. So what I want to do is I want to create another Daily Dynamo episode just for this so that we can continue this.

It is going to be really it's the following episode just after this, because you have had this lot of content in this episode. I want you to really listen and take some notes on this before I bombard with more knowledge, more content, which causes you confusion and stop you from taking action.

I'm going to cut short this episode and make another episode on just the physical universe and spiritual universe and how you can bend your reality, how you can create your reality.

All right. Perfect.

Hope you like this Daily Dynamo episode a slightly long, but I know you loved it. I will see you in the next Daily Dynamo. Until then, take care.

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