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Hey, I launched my first online course in 2016, and I didn't make a lot of money and I wasted $8000 and I applied this strategy and I made money since then.

What is this? It is in this Daily Dynamo episode.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business at the same time. Overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, welcome to another episode of Daily Dynamo, this is Chinmai Swamy, your host in this episode. We're talking about launches. How do you launch your product with your coaching program?

OK, because I specialize in helping you sell your advice online and get virtual clients. I only am going to focus as launches in that context. I'm sure you can apply this in all products I'm going to focus on here. So before what I did was I would create the course, I would do the create the slides, I would record my voice and I would upload it to my website.

And I would then go and run my Facebook ads and maybe get one or two sales. And that's it. And no income. And I did one more. And after that, I lost money in that paid ad because that's not how you sell an online course. I didn't know that. Then I used another approach. So let me sell the course first and then I will come up with the course.

And when I did that, I lost money in that because people ask me for feedback, so refund and people who are paid money had forgotten about it and they just didn't care about the course anymore.

So when that strategy didn't work, so I realized there should be a mix, there should be a right sequence of events where I actually don't create all the course at first.

At the same time, my clients are fully motivated and they are really eager to learn. And I don't spend a lot of money on ads. In fact, spend no money on paid advertising to start off with so I can get proof of concepts or I can tweak my product and get it better before I launch and put money into it.

I can scale it, I can test if it's ready for scaling. Those were the criteria. And I looked at all the launches by industry experts. I studied 63 launches in the last four years, studied them in detail and this is the key difference is the key format everybody uses.

OK, you're ready and you can use it. Even if you don't have a coaching business like you're just starting off a coaching business and you're about to launch an online course and you want to how to do a launch. This is the episode you've been waiting for so long launch.

Number one is, you can call it anything you want.

You can call it Alpha Beta. Just launch one. OK, launch one is first stage. You have an idea of a course, you know what solution you're bringing in.

You know what modules you have.

You know exactly who you are, who the target is for all these are details you need to get this.

I cover this in 10 day Launch Pad, go to 10daylaunchpad.com and get that. It's absolutely about $27.

Get that course you will know exactly how to get the basics, the foundation sorted.

The first case that you have the course and you actually sell it, you actually sell it for, if you intend the course to be sold for $997 you actually sell it for maybe $300 or $400, just as telling them it's just a beta test, just a trial run. And I'm just looking for five or five people to get on this launch and you will find your five clients or even one or even two and reduce the rate, because if you're starting off and you may not have a lot of people in email list, then just go with who you know. We'll that a different videos and talk about how you can get if you're starting off.

But if you have a list of, let's say, five or 10 or even 20, then just get 2 people who are willing to pay you even hundred dollars, because I need you to get those people for paying, not free. You need to charge them something, but not free.

That's the key. So the purpose of the stage one is just to see if the product looks OK. You haven't created the product yet. And in that launch, you're going to deliver the product live like over zoom or webinar. You going deliver them live because you are going to tweak even on your test.

The slides are going to look. You're going to get live questions and answers from your test group and you're going to go back and and make the product even better and then come to launch two, as you can call it.

I just call it launch one, two, three and four. So you have. launched two in this program, and what you can do is you can actually market it while you can just market. Do organic marketing and get a few more people who are willing to pay you at the same beta launch like the same couple of hundred dollars and deliver this live again.

And in this you've tweaked the product, people are loving it and then you're getting feedback and testimonials from the product and now you know, the product is ready, the product is delivered and we have tested it and it works. But then you want to launch number three where here you are.

Only now you're going to do paid advertising You're also not doing full on you just in through paid advertising. You just want to get maybe 10 or 20 people.

That's it.

Because you can then test the system, the load on the system. You want to test whether the systems you put in place for engagement emails, you want to test whether all of those triggers automations are running in place so that when you are you're just testing the system here because the product is tested here.

You're testing the system so that when you come to the next launch, the launch for is your test. You're not ready to scale because the system is tested, the product is tested, the offer is tested. Everything's ready. Now, you just turn on the Facebook ads or any paid advertising you have and you are ready to scale.

And that's how you launch, my friend. So if anybody else is teaching you anything different, it's not. Ask yourself, don't believe me. Just ask yourself whether it's right. Is success a gradient approach that you take step by step to get there or overnight success where anybody is teaching you, oh, go and join my course.

I'll make you a million next year or I'll make you, I'll help you sell $10000 in a month if you have never sold a product, a coaching product, and you're going to go and sell a $10000 income in a month if you have never sold a coaching program, it's just too steep gradient. So ask yourself if this gradient is right for you because it has to be sustainable.

That's the key ingredient that you can sustain and grow and climb, is what brings you success, because if it's anything overnight, it's just a hack. You're just doing a hack, you're just hustling. And it's going to fall back because a gradient sets the foundation for the next step, then that foundation to the next step. And you're going.

That's why these four launches, stages of launch I shared in this Daily Dynamo gives you that stability.

I hope you enjoyed this.

If you do, please share your love in your comments. Tell me what you loved. And also, if you're listening to us on podcast, tell me what you feel like. Just go to ChinmaiSwamy.Com, press on connect and send me an email. I always read your emails and I love reading them. Thanks for watching. I'll see in the next episode.

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