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Hey, do you have too many tasks to get done and you're struggling to like complete the list, but this Daily Dynamo episode is just for you?

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business at the same time. Overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, this is Chinmai Swamy, your host at Daily Dynamo, and today's episode talking about tasks and how you complete, how do you complete them? How do you get rid of your list so that you can focus on important things?


I follow this for every task, even professional business task or personal tasks, I apply the strategy. Well, can you imagine, like before this, I was running my own business, so like, I'm starting my own business. So that means if you are a coach, you're listening to those, then, you know, you have to take care of your content, writing your content, publishing like creating videos and publishing, writing blogs and publishing and selling, creating webinars coming up with innovative ideas to to launch your funnels.

That's a tiny aspect of running a business not even considering tax returns, accounting, bookkeeping, all of that. I know you can think of having a team, but when you're starting off, I had to do all of that myself. And sometimes I do most of it myself still.

But now I have mastered it using this key strategy and even in personal life, like grocery shopping and cooking.

I'm the main cook in the house. I love cooking.

So I cook every day so that how do I add the strategy to cooking, shopping, taking like everything you want, doing my work or exercises, I applied the strategy. I'm sure you have similar lists like mine that you have so many things to get done. And every time you try to do it, either you're stopped by what you do.

Like, it's not that you are not willing to do the task, it's just that you are stopped because there's so much to think about.

There's like when you there's lack of clarity. There's like you have to make decisions when you're doing the task. So there is that initial barrier that you have to get through.

You have to make choices.

You have to make some decisions, and then you do the task. Right. I'm not saying you shouldn't give up your choices saying that, but that's how those are the initial barriers. Once you break through them, you're free, like you're immediately challenged and you will get the task done right.

So how do you break through the first barrier?

Here's the list. So I follow this criteria.

First one, if I have to do a task more than twice, more than two times, I apply this anything more than twice. That's right. If it's for the third time, then I want to bring the task back in control if I'm doing it for the third time.

OK, the other thing I call is the date, D-A-T-E.

So D is for delegate. Can I delegated to someone like if I had to do more than twice can I delegate it? When I can sit down to do the task for the third time I would be like who can do this task better than me. That's delegate and a is for automate. Can I automate this task. Is there something I can add a zapier integration, or can I add any kind of integration with Google home or any kind of system which I
can use to automate some part of it?

T is for template. Can I create a template where I can just look at it and use it as a reference and get ideas from it, like create a template that I don't have to be like, it's not like it's an open see, but it's a contained box so that I can look at the boxes and look inside the box and get what I want like a template and E is for eliminate. I like this is really needed. Like do I have to do this task? Is it useless? Just
so did I use this approach for every task I have to do more than twice.

So delegate for business, I use simple tasks like publishing, communicating, sharing, designing of post all of that to my team, automate. I use software which actually scheduler and automate those most of the majority of the task and t is template like if I have to create content Creating content is very easy thing. You have to come up with new ideas. Coming up with new ideas with a blank slate is very challenging. So I would come up with new ideas with a template.

What I mean is I know who I'm talking to.

I have my ideal client and I would use that. I have my own Swipe file of words and problems and barriers my client faces. And I look at that and I come up with new ideas like you in this episode of Daily Dynamo comes from a similar template I use and it just gives me more creative ideas. And he is eliminated. Like if I don't want to do this task, I just say this is not adding any value to the business.

Let's get rid of it.

The thing that's what and you can use it in your personal life as well, and like delegate, we delegated cooking, we had a cook and COVID came, we stopped asking the cook to come in. So I had to take over, like template automated. There's not much you can automate in the house. Uh, I think we did we did something with Amazon, but that's too little. And so there's nothing I could automate. I'm not automated yet. T is template.

I've templated many things like cooking. We made a list of all the ingredients we need for shopping. We made a template of that so we know exactly what we need to shop. Anyone cooking what all the recipes we wanted, it's it's already predesigned. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and with options and it's stuck in the kitchen.

So I just walk in and I look at the list. I'm like, oh yeah, I'll do that today. So template eliminates the initial resistance, the making. It's like if you have to start something, if you have to make a choice with not with a blank slate, it makes the task even more painful, even more prone to not get started.

So this is my trick. This is my strategy.

I use delegate, automate, template or eliminate hope you like this. If you like it, then add your comments. and let me know what you like the most out of this episode. And if you're listening to this on
podcast, hey, just give you a thumbs up.

Give me a rating in the Google podcast on iTunes or just connect with me and go to ChinmaiSwamy.com and send me an email. We love to read your message on that.

Well, thanks for watching.

I'll see you in the next Daily Dynamo.

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