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Hey, in this episode, we're talking about 7 key reasons why you must sell your 997, offer or your 1000 dollar coaching program?

This episode will blow your mind. Stay tuned. It's today's Daily Dynamo episode.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business? At the same time, overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, welcome to the Chinmai Swamy, your host at the Daily Dynamo. In this episode, I want to cover the 7 reasons why you must have your own 1000 dollar offer, your 1K offer.

Number 1. It helps you to test your ideal client.

You want to know whether the clients you have are willing enough to invest at least a 1000 dollars in your coaching program and not by the hourly rates of hundred dollars or two hundred dollars. That's a time waster for both of you. So you need to meet another client who can actually be willing to invest thousand dollars because you will give your best and you will get results for your clients and you will grow as a business.

So that's important. First, it tests you to have an eye, whether you have the target audience, right.

Target audience. Second, it's easy to boost your profits because when you have 1K offer at the rightly set up, what happens is you win. If you have 50 clients or 100 or 200 clients, it's the same fulfillment.

The process is the same. The amount of resources you have to use to fulfill those 50 or 200 clients are pretty much the same. They might increase, but it's very, very marginal increase. It's not a lot of increase. So that's why your profits will be easy to boost.

That's the second reason.

The third reason is it's easy to help more people, because when you have a system which allows you to help fulfill 50 clients or 500 clients, then you can reach out to more people. You can actually coach more people rather than one to one hourly rate. So you can coach more people.

That's that's the best part of having a 1K offer.

OK, that's the third.

The fourth part is,

You only need to have one funnel. That's it.

One funnel.

You don't have multiple funnels. You don't have to have a complex funnel. And you just have to have a simple three step funnel to sell a 1K offer so that you don't have to have a dedicated IT team or marketing funnel expert in your business. You just need to have one funnel and you can easily do that in your own WordPress website.

And that's the beauty.

Well, if you want, that to start off, as you grow, you can, of course, invest in the big systems like click funnels. But for now, if you're starting off, if you're going to invest 200, 300 dollars a month on Click Funnel, where's the funds?

Where is the funds for you to grow and market and ads? Yes, you need to have those complicated systems, but for now, you don't need them to start off. And if you don't have a thousand dollar offer, you definitely don't need click funnels. So you need a simple, simple website. You need a funnel, but you can be on your WordPress.

That's the point.

That's the benefit. Next benefit is you can focus all your content production, all your marketing, your sales, your emails you write all focused towards 1K offer, just one offer, because you'll think of your ideas, what products to create and what benefits.

You will think of all of these extra topics and post social media videos posts on that. Like my podcasts are all based on my flagship product, my 1K offer.

So my only offer is 1K Sprint.

How do you design your first thousand dollar offer?

That's it. That's my offer.

So all my content is based on that.

And I generate my webinars, my emails based on it. So everything is streamlined and your business will also get streamlined that way. That's why you need have 1K offer. Then it's easy to build a team because once you have a team, you can train your team on how to deliver this one product.

And if anyone off your team leaves or you want to grow, It's easy to train the new person whether to replace or to grow. It's easy to train the new person.

The last benefit is, It's the stepping stone to build to launch your six figure business. Imagine if you want to have a six figure business you need. If you have a thousand dollar offer, you need, let's say six figures 100k. You just need 100 clients willing to pay you a thousand dollars. Then it's easy for you to work backwards how many you need per month and you start working towards a six figure and then soon you hit six figures,

You can easily aim for thousand. You need a thousand clients willing to pay you a thousand dollars and that's a million dollars. And that's how simple it is for you to have your own seven figure, six figure. And that's the stepping stone.

OK, that's how simple.

So number one, it actually helps you to target your right audience.

Number two, it helps you to increase your profits easily.

Number three, helps you to reach out to more people fast. And it's easy for you to grow, help more people.

And fourth is to, Have one funnel and easy to streamline your complex systems, you just need one funnel.

Number Five, focused content creation, all the marketing concepts based on one aspect of your product.

And six, easy to build your own team, maintain it and grow if you want.

And seven, is a stepping stone, the foundation of a six figure business or a seven figure business. And that's why if you don't have a thousand dollar offer, you will struggle to have a six figure business.

Hope you enjoyed this Daily Dynamo episode.

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I'll see you in the next episode.

Take care.

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