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Hey, every time you interact with your clients, you need to operate in exchanges. What does that mean? Well, every communication, every form of communication you're having through websites or emails, videos or Facebook, or 1-1 calls, phone calls, anything. You need to operate in exchanges. If you don't have that concept, you are harming your own business and you're doing more harm to your clients.

How do you do that? I'll show you in this Daily Dynamo video. Bye.

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So how do you operate in exchanges? How do you actually? The moment once I heard and I was told that I need to operate in exchanges, I actually felt overwhelmed. How can I always operate in exchanges? That's just ridiculous. I always want to give. I always wanted to help.

How do I do that? Well, the foundation and the concept, once you understand, it's very simple. The exchanges means that when I give something, I can ask something in return. And when I ask something in return that implies and if you do it, if you do what I ask you to do, it implies that whatever I gave you was valuable to you.

And one of the basic characteristic of human being is that reciprocity, that when you give something for free, If I give something for free, you will be obliged. You will feel the need to reciprocate for me. So reciprocity is very, very, very, very fabric is embedded in our body. So you have to trigger that. So when I give something, when I add value to my clients via phone, email, anything, I always ask for something in return.

Here's the thing.

If I don't ask for something in return, then it implies that what I'm giving is not valuable or I don't believe that my clients can actually add value to me. Isn't it crazy? What I understood that I always know that my clients can add value to me and what I am doing is valuable to my client.

With that viewpoint, I ask for something in return. I ask for an exchange. So what exchange can I ask? Like, for example, in this video, my exchange is that, hey, if you like this video and I want you to share and comment your best part of this video, so I want you to share this video so that others can also benefit from this message. So I'm asking you, so if you feel like this was not valuable, then you will not share. And if you feel this is valuable, then you will share.

But I'm asking you. I'm giving out an exchange. So that is one example. Another example is when I send out an email, I'll add value. Then the exchange would be to reply back or to click on a link, that kind of thing.

Another thing is webinars.

When I sell on webinars, when I do a video or anything,. When I sell, I know I add value, value, value, and maybe I get 10 percent conversion out of 100 people, 10 would actually buy. That means they saw the value and then they thought that will help them.

But the remaining 90 are still exchanging.

How are they exchanging? I'm asking them if you really added value, if you really felt valuable from this webinar, please go out and share. Or I would tell them in the comments section type how much what value you got. Tell them I asked them to exchange reciprocate on the live webinar so they and they get an opportunity to interact, they get an opportunity to go to a Facebook group and share their wins.

So it's a form of exchange. Without any of that, you are creating a crime. Yes, it is that big because when you stop asking for exchange, you are implying yourself. You are thinking that you are adding you can't add value. And you're also implying that your client, your reader, your prospect, your end user is not able to.

Give back something, and that's not right. You're actually putting down yourself and your client, so that's why it's your responsibility to make sure you always ask for an exchange. And the exchange is proportional to the value you're adding. And in the medium, you're asking as a platform. You can do your own trials. But the foundation is that you need to always ask for an exchange in every form.

I hope you like this video. And if you do, please, please share this video. If you're watching this on YouTube, share if you're watching this on Facebook, share, like and comment. If you're listening to this on my podcast, give a thumbs up, a five star rating on Google or on on Apple iTunes. Let me know how you feel. That'll be amazing. That's a great, great exchange for me if you do that. Thank you so much. And I'll see you in the next Daily Dynamo.

Thank you.

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See in the next episode. Bye.

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