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Hey coach. I know you want to be an amazing coach. But here's the truth, you're not born a coach. No one is born a coach. No one is born an international coach. They build themselves up. It's like Lego. They build themselves up into the person they want to be.

How do you do that? This Daily Dynamo is just for you.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business? At the same time, overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hello, how do you build yourself as a coach, how do you build yourself as THE coach you want to be? Answer is very simple. It is about who you want to be. OK, so you right now are made up of all the things you do. Observe all the things you do, you might watch Netflix. You might clean your house. You might do a very good website. You're very good at selling but you're struggling to create consistent action.

So there's no systems. Take a look at all the things you know, for a fact, is YOU. Right now, who you are. Take a snapshot, who you are, the beingness, OK? And put them in two columns. First column is which is good. Put them in there, which, you know, is going to help you get to become the coach.

And second column is which is going to hold you back from being your full potential, hold you back from building the success you want to build. Building the coaching business. So all of that which is stopping you. So you have two columns and you might notice that there might be some column might be bigger and than the other and now that's step one.

Next is, add what more do you think you need to be doing to become the coach, which will help you to get there like maybe you need to do.. If you say I need to be doing more videos, I need to speak better, I need to read more books. I need to become more patient. I need to get more clients. Clients will come. So what all you need to be doing, who you need to become. Become that person, add the characteristic of that beingness.

So for me, before my characteristic was sleep late, get up late, my characteristic was watch Netflix. My characteristic was waste time. It was beyond the infinite scroll on phone. They were some of my characteristic in the past. OK, eat whatever I eat, start my day whenever I want. Those were my characteristic long back. I realized that's not working.

So I made a characteristic, I made a list of characteristics which I want to develop. First one was, I want to become better coach. OK, good. How?

Understand people better. I want to be able to inspire people, influence people. I want to be able to lead, bring results, become a better leader. I want to produce videos like this. I want to have a podcast, I want to have a blog. I want to become a person who writes articles. I want to become an author. So I wrote these 4 books.

And I made a list of all and I started. Once you have the list, you then start adding one characteristic into your life and remove one characteristic which doesn't help you. OK, every month this is what I did. Every month, play a game. Set up a game in such a way that you will add one new characteristic, for example, read a book. So you might read.

And here's the thing. You have to do it in installment. You have to do it in the right gradient. So if you want to say I want to become a new characteristic and you want to eliminate a characteristic, you need to do that at the right pace. Like say, I want to read for ten minutes. OK, right. Start with 10 minutes a day. But you need to do it every day, EVERY DAY.

That's the key.

Introducing a new characteristic to do it every day, once a day. At least you can do multiple times. But once is minimum and the eliminating goal like no Netflix or say stop eating some kind of food or stop spending time on phone or anything, which, you know, is holding you back anything.

You know that, you need to add a time limit for that as well, that you're going to do that only for ten minutes. Because if you are watching Netflix for four hours and you're going to say, I'm going to watch Netflix for 30 minutes, and then, that's it.

Stick to that.

And you're going to that every day. That's it. You're going to watch Netflix only for thirty minutes for the whole day. It'll be painful at first, but you are going to handle that every day for one month. So add one thing, one characteristic. Build that at a low gradient, maybe 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes, whichever you feel is right and you will soon find out.

A gradient, Is defined by you, so you will know the right gradient when you can find it. Find the challenge bearable and consistent, keep it consistent. That's the key thing to know that you're on the right gradient. If it's too easy, you'll be demotivated. If you just say, I'll read for five minutes. It's too easy to read for five minutes and then you will not be motivated to do it tomorrow.

But if you say I'll read for an hour, it's challenging.

You might push yourself for one day and then something else will happen, other priority tasks will come in place and you will not find the one hour. And second day, you will read. You will just touch the book and you will keep it away. Same thing with Netflix. If you've been watching Netflix for like four or five hours a day and suddenly you're going to say, I want to watch Netflix only for ten minutes, it's going to be painful. You will try to cheat yourself and watch Netflix.

Trust me.

You will come up with a situation where Netflix will become inevitable. I know that. Trust me. You cannot cheat yourself. You cannot outsmart yourself. See it that way. Same way, you can't say I'm going to watch Netflix for just two hours because then it's too easy gradient because two hours is easy for you. So find the right gradient, which is challenging. So maybe thirty minutes, 45 minutes or maybe one episode and you going to stop it right there.

So set the gradient and do that for one month and build your characteristic one at a month and within a year you will have twelve characteristics. How amazing would that be. And that's amazing. Isn't it?

Every month you add a new characteristic and in one month, you remove and get more control over a negative characteristic. That way, you keep building up and within a few months and at the end of the year, you would be a new person and when, your friends, your family sees you after a couple of months, they'll be like, hey, I don't recognize you. And you can say, yes, I've changed. I'm a different being now.

I'm no longer that person. And you will become the coach you always want to be. So that person will allow you and when you become that person, you will easily become the five figure, six figure, seven figure business owner.

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I'll see you in the next Daily Dynamo.


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