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Hey, you know exactly what to do everyday and when you do those things, you know, it'll change your life. You know that exactly. But still, you struggle to get them done. Why? I'll cover that in this Daily Dynamo episode.

See you soon.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business? At the same time, overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, when you don't get stuff done, or tasks, you make a list of your task first thing in the morning. It's disappointing. Right?

I beat myself up. I'm sure you do that. I'm sure you feel demotivated or you feel like, oh, my God, there's so much I can do. Why couldn't I do it? Maybe not every time but deep down, you know, there was a situation where you felt that I know exactly..

I know exactly how to change my life, but I'm struggling to get it done. Why?

That feeling is painful because, It's the truth because you know that if you would get let's say, if you would get a website, if you would launch a funnel, if you would have a $997 coaching offer, if you can get so many leads every month, you know you can build a 6 figure, then grow it to 7 figure coaching business.

You know exactly what you need to do, but still you struggle. The thing which stops you is not that you struggle to get these tasks done, you need to take a step back and realize and observe what is it that is making you go down this dwindling spiral?

What happens is that when you stop and consciously stop this one thing which you do, it will stop the dwindling spiral. You will get control of this, of your own downfall and you will start to get progress.

OK, here's the thing.

Before explaining the concept, before explaining the one thing I need to teach you the mechanics to make you aware. Does it make sense to you when the moment you hear it? Because let's say day one, you start off, you want to get the website done? OK, we'll work on five days, six days in a row, one week in a row to get one page for a website done. And suddenly you're halfway through and you realize, I haven't made any sales, haven't got any leads.

OK, you're going to go and you will start doing some videos and you will start focusing on videos for the next, you know. Videos are important. You'll start focusing on the videos. The website is halfway done and then videos. Then from videos halfway through, you realize I need to make it professional, I need to get it edited or that's not looking good. The lighting is not bad. And then you go back, you come back to website, you add the videos to the website, you realize, oh, there's something I don't like YouTube auto suggestions, videos which comes at the end or I don't like the thumbnail. I need to change that one. Whatever.

When you're doing that, you're not feeling low, you aren't feeling demotivated. You're actually charged. You're working on a problem one thing at a time and you are creating, creating, creating and producing. The thing is, then after a few months, you realize you haven't achieved any sale and it hits you. And when it hits you, you start to question your ability to be in this business.

You start to question your ability to produce results, and that is painful. The best way to do that, best way to handle overcome that is to know that it's OK, that not to beat yourself up, it's OK to make some mistakes and don't beat yourself up. OK, that's the key thing, because your criticism is the WORST criticism.

When you criticize yourself, it's the worst. It's like blinding yourself. When you're blind yourself, no matter what is put in front of you, you cannot see it. You cannot observe the truth. You cannot observe the obvious solution, the obvious mistake you're making. You cannot observe. Because when you criticize and beat yourself up.

You blind yourself completely. That's the worst criticism. OK, and that's the hardest part. Trust me, you know, it's painful and that's why it's important for you to cheer yourself. It's OK for you to make mistakes. The whole world can tell you you're wrong. Your clients can tell you you're wrong. Your family, your friends, everyone can tell you're wrong. YOU need to cheer yourself.

I'm not saying you need to say what you did is right and not asking to come up with justifying reasons to feel good. You just need to feel good. You just need to know your intentions are always right. You really want to change your life. You are so good that you're willing to work twice as hard towards changing your life, not just your life, your client's life. You need to know that UNCONDITIONALLY.

When you know that, when you truly believe that you know that you're there and you're working hard, your intentions are true. With that self validation, you will start to raise. You will start to see to see the right tasks. You will start getting control over the tasks and you will come up with better ideas to handle the situation.

The prerequisite to better ideas is to know that you are capable of coming up with new ideas. And when you self criticize, you shut that gate. You shut your eyes from coming up with new ideas. So do this one thing.

Don't beat yourself up. Self Validate. You must be your own cheerleader. When you are, you can raise above any barrier, any situation. Nothing is big for you.

Hope you like it.

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