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Behind every success, there are stories of challenges, ups and downs. Even if you're successful, there are times when you must have failed. You must have faced a situation which put you down, which made you feel ugly. How do you actually handle them? How do you confront them in such a way that will put you back on top of the game? How do you use these experiences and transform them into some beautiful, inspiring experiences?

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How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business. At the same time, overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining
relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales
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Hi. How do you use these experiences, how do you change them? First, we need to handle them. Next, we need to convert them. First, when you're having these negative experiences, as a coach, it's demotivating because, I know you have the courage to go and help others. But when you have the same problem or when you have a different problem, you start to question yourself as to who am I to coach? Why is this happening to me?

Am I good enough now? You will start looking for something negative in you. So that you can justify what went wrong. Well, the reality is ask yourself. Anything could have gone wrong. When the shit hits the fan, when your problems in health, wealth and relationship or business, climate, whatever it is, whatever the symptoms you're facing, the cause of it can be many. When you're in the middle of it, you would handle it.

You would handle it.

When you're handling it, just handle it. Don't justify. Don't judge yourself. Don't compare yourself. Don't validate as to am I good enough to charge this many pounds and dollars for my client. When you're handling a situation, it's an emergency situation. Handle that. It's like first aid. When someone's hurt, you just fix and handle the emergency. Then once the situation is handled, you then analyze as to how big this is. How do you then prepare for the next stage. That's exactly what happens. Let's say you have a situation, you've dealt with something which you have an issue with, your problem with your company, with your clients, with your team. And you are a coach who helps other coaches how to set up successful businesses and have successful teams. And you have a problem with your team and that has put you off for months.

So what? Handle it.

It's no reflection of how good you are, the problem you're facing in handling a team situation is something which your clients would never face because they're still low in the gradient. You have helped them to even consider the thought of having their own team. You have helped him to have a team, you have having a team and you're dealing with higher problems or better problems of having a team. So, that's good. Don't question yourself.

Don't question your credibility as to Who am I to coach someone? If I want someone to have a team or set up a business team, if I am having problems with my own business? Don't do that because you're much better than that, because you're helping someone to have to start a team who never had a team. You all have problems. So you need a coach which will help you pull through your situation
and you are a coach to someone else.

So it's a gradient. OK, and once you understand that, you will be able to handle any situation in life. That's one.

Next, how do you convert them? Because once you have these situations, make a list. I make a list of all the problems which put me down, which held me back, and I would use them in my stories
when I tell my clients, when I sell my clients, when I teach my clients, because these stories actually gives me more credibility. OK, Going back to the example of a coach who had a problem with their team, when the coach handles the team situation and comes on top, that becomes the greatest asset, a story, because that coach has solved it with a new set of ideas, with new innovative
solutions to handle that problem.

And that's a product on its own there. Suddenly, that coach can use the story to sell and inspire another person to handle the same situation. And that's all it is.

Well, for me, I, in February, March, April, May, I was full on. I was doing weekly masterminds. Like I was doing probably 20 days out of 30 days in a month, I was doing live ZOOM sessions every day almost and for each session were like two, two and a half hours. And suddenly, in August and September I stopped. There were none. And I had my own issues. I was having my own problems with my team. I had problems with my personal life. I lost my granddad and I couldn't handle it.

And also, me and my wife werebringing up this amazing daughter. So we were having our own moments and challenges of how to handle the baby. So all of that came in between. And I realised that, I thought I was organised, I was not organised, and I had to put things in place. I had to set a few things more, and tidy up. And that put me now in a better position to make more content.

That's what happened. In those four months, I helped close to 80 people start a business, start a coaching business they never had, and now I'm in a better position. Now I'm going to come back and help those hundreds of people to start a coaching business with even more stability and I'll help people who are already have a coaching business to overcome similar challenges, which I faced.

That is how you convert your own inner challenges, your own inner failures, your inner barriers into gold, into wealth, because you're using that to inspire others. Money is a measure of how many people you can help, and you can help only when you know how to handle the problem. And the more problems you handle, the better it is. So be glad that you have a problem and you faced it.

That's my daily Daily Dynamo for you.

I hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment in the section and tell me how it is. I would love to hear your comments. If you're watching this on YouTube or you're listening to it on podcast or you're watching this on Facebook, Instagram? Leave a comment, I would love to know what you felt about this episode.

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