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As a coach, your job is to bring stability and results in your prospects life. You cannot bring that, until you bring the same stability and the same level of results in your life. How do you do that?

This Daily Dynamo is for you.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business? At the same time, overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining
relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales
and get virtual clients.

Hi, how do you bring stability and results in your own life?

It's very simple.

The fact is you already have stability and results in your own life. That's one, of course, you can be more stable. You can earn more income, you can get better results. It's part of the game. But how do you get better results?

It's by focusing on the results you already have. If you always want to look for better results or good results, that means you're coming from a view of you currently have bad results.

You're not happy with your current results. When you're not happy and you are coming from that viewpoint, you are coming from a weakness and that's not going to help you. So step number one in helping you get stability and better results in your life is to know that you have some level of stability in your life.

There's some level of results in your life. There are some results. You're listening to this episode. That means there is stability. You have some moments where you are actively at cause with your own interest. You're listening something to improve yourself.

That's one.

And you're getting results because you're going to take action. You've taken action so far. You've clicked on the play button. You're listening to this video. You're listening to the audio and podcast. Wherever you are, you're getting results. Even if you have one client or zero clients, it's OK. But you have a business, you've decided to have a business. You've gotten results. I know you want to
get better results. Now, you need to come from a point of view that you already have stability and results.

That's the foundation.

Now we'll look at the second step of how to build better stability and results. The key thing when you're a coach, which taught me when I wanted to start off as a coach, even though I had results, even though I had success in my life and stability, I always doubted myself as to who am I to help others?

Who am I to to coach others and ask money for it? Who am I to be an expert? And it's often called the imposter syndrome. Where the situation is that I start to feel, who am I? I am an imposter.

Like, I'm not that great. I'm not that good. But the reasons are many or it can be any but imposter syndrome is very, very real. You would feel that. I'm sure you've already felt it. How do you overcome that? It's very simple.

You need to address and focus on your target audience specific to you, OK? And you can reach the target audience in just three simple steps. I call it the "three whole process".

Step number one is to decide who you want to work with, what kind of person you want to work with. Professionally, who they are, whether they are working in banking or I.T. or managers. Where are they, professionally? Identify them by their profession.

Step 2 - identify them with personal issues, personal situation like newly married, first time parents, divorced or retired, anything. So you need professional and personal aspect of their life. That's Hop number one.

Both personal and professional.

Hop number two is you get to decide what problem you want to solve. Your prospect or in fact, everyone on the planet has problems. They all have problems. Even I have problems. All of you have three kinds of problems - health, wealth and relationship. We all have problems in those three - health, wealth and relationship. We need to decide which one of those problems you are going to handle.

Pick one between health, wealth or relationship. Once you've picked a topic, you need to decide whether you want to address a problem which is a pleasure problem or a pain problem. A pleasure problem is, for example, let's take relationship pleasure problems. Oh, I want to go on a holiday every month with my wife. How do I do that? Like, I'm already awesome. I'm trying to improve my relationship.

The pain problem is, oh my God man. I can't handle or stand arguing with my wife. I want to stop arguing. It's really hurting. I want to stop doing that. How do I get my relationship back? That's a pain problem. You see this contrast. How do I go on a holiday every month with my wife. That's a good problem.

That's a good problem to have. And the pain problem is, how do I stop arguing with my wife? That's the PAIN problem. So similarly, you have to identify. There are similar examples for health and wealth.

So the second hop is about finding the problem you want to solve. Recap. Who do you want to work with professionally and personally? Get both of them, get both sides of the person. Second, what kind of problem you want to solve? And third, what is your specific solution? The third hop in the three hop process is what is your specific solution to that problem, your specific solution?

OK, your specific solution comes from within you. Comes from within you. That's right, you already have the solution to all the problems you are currently solved in your life, You have the solution. So the best way to create a solution is to list all the problems you have overcome. OK, three things you need to list. One has all the problems that you had solved.

And second is all the challenges you have overcome in your life, personal, professional, all challenges. Third, all the barriers you've broken through. Something that's holding you back, something you thought you couldn't do and you did it anyways. Barriers, internal barriers, physical barriers, all of it. So make a list of all that and write how you overcame that, how you broke through the barrier,
how you solved the problem, how you overcame the challenge, all of that and then using that, create a solution for the problem you're solving in second hop.

That's it.

I know it might sound complicated on this podcast, so if you want to know how I do this active drill, I will help you do this, LIVE with me helping you do this, you have to join the virtual sales mastermind. It's absolutely free. In those masterminds, I help you do this 3 hop process in that I'll be there to guide you through the process. OK, so you can use that.

You can listen to this episode and do the 3 hop process or you can attend one of the virtual sales mastermind where I will do it for you. I will be there to guide you, LIVE mastermind.

Once you have that, you overcome the imposter syndrome because you aren't an imposter anymore. Because you know who you're going to work with or problem solving and why you feel you are the right person to solve the problem. And you're no longer an imposter. You will go out there and share your message. You will be like, yeah, I want to go to it.

I want to add stability. You will be so stable. You'll be having so much results, you'll be willing to go and bring the same results to your clients. And that's how you become a professional coach.

That's how you become a better coach, a stronger coach. And have you noticed? Being a coach is very, very simple. All you're doing is using everything of your life, all the problems and all the challenges, all the situations of your life and how you overcome them using all of those to help one problem of your ideal client, just ONE problem. So when you decide what kind of coach you want to be, you're using all aspects of your life to help your clients.

So you're a coach 24/7. And it's very rewarding. Trust me.

I love to take a look at my WhatsApp messages from my clients. We have a group in WhatsApp, I have a Facebook group. We all connect and they share their questions and they share their wins. It's such a great thing to take a look. And I want you to have that as well. So make sure you're going out there and adding stability and results to your clients. And if anything stops you from doing that?

It's yourself. You feeling that you're not ready, you're not qualified enough. Every time, you feel that you're not ready or qualified enough to bring stability and results to your clients, know that you have already got it in your life.

OK, I hope you like this Daily Dynamo episode. I'll see you in the next one.

In the meantime, share and comment on how you loved it and share it to another person who might enjoy this episode or want to or who would help and actually benefit from this specific episode. Because this episode is is quite longer than usual, because I touched a particular topic, which is very, very important. And it was holding me back for years. And I want you to just go and help others.

I don't want you to stop yourself. Of course, there'll be other problems that will slow you down and can potentially slow you down. But the last person you want to be slow down is yourself. And that's why I made this episode just for you to know that you ready. Go and add stability and results to your client's life. Know that you already have it. Thanks for watching.

I'll see you in the next one.

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