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Hey! In this video, I'll be sharing the magic formula which will help you to get more sales. THE magic formula. This is it.

This is it for you.

If you're watching this, then you're either a coach or an expert or an author and you have knowledge inside you that you want to share and you want to help others and make a profitable business out of it.

If you want to know the magic formula, the simple secret, stay tuned. You're in the right episode. I'll see you soon.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business? At the same time, overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health.

I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, here's the magic formula. Well, before I tell you the formula, I need to tell you the variables, the elements of the formula. There are only three elements of the formula.

Number one..

These are the three elements we need to be doing every day in order to be successful as a coach. If you leave out any one of these three, then you're not a coach.

You're going to find a challenge. You're going to really struggle to have a profitable business as a coach. Three things you need to do every day however you can. But these are three things you need to do.

Number one is CREATE. Create, create, create.

That's right. You need to create content. Not as in go and do videos. But, to create content ideas, create frameworks, create system, take a piece of paper and come up with new ideas, new systems, new way to do things, faster way to do things, more efficient ways. So, these are the ideas you're creating. That's one thing you need to be doing.

Second is to COMMUNICATE.

It is to share what you have created. Whatever you've created, the content, the ideas, the products, the brands, the workshops, the webinars, you need to communicate and talk, share it with the world. You need to basically market it. So communicate that. That's the second part.

The third part is to CLOSE.
That's right. It's to close. To sell and close. So if you have to do that as well.

So it's Create. Communicate. Close.

Now, you know the three elements. Right? Create is creating ideas. Communicate is to market and to communicate your idea. Close is to close the other person that your idea is going to help them. So they actually implement it and they actually get the results.

That's why closing is so important.

Imagine if you have the best idea, you communicate it, but you don't manage to close. Like the other person doesn't believe in it, or that the other person doesn't implement your idea and they don't get results, then it's of no use.


So your idea is not producing results.

So that's why, when you close, the other person will implement and get results. So these are three things.

Create, communicate, close.

Now, what is the magic formula?

The magic formula is this.

One. Ten. Twenty.

What does it mean? If you create something, if you spend one hour creating, let's say five minutes.

Let's keep it simple.

If you create, if you take one hour to create something, then you need to communicate ten times that. So ten hours. Ten hours. You need to communicate ten times so that more people are aware of your idea. OK, if you're communicated ten times, you need to sell it.

Twenty times means you need to follow up. Sell, sell, sell, follow up on your idea because you have created a product, a webinar, a workshop, a system which is life changing. For somebody else, it is life changing. You need to sell it twenty times MORE aggressively. Like it's your ethical duty, like your life depends on it. So you have to sell it twenty times.

That's the magic formula.

One. Ten. Twenty.

Now, here's what normally people do and they don't get results.

They would spend 20 hours creating something and they would market it maybe 10, less than ten, and they would spend one hour selling it. And if the person says no, normally most of them just give up, they don't even follow up, they don't even make an attempt to come back with a counter offer. They don't want to come back to overcome objections. They just give up.

So they do the formula reverse.

They spend months and months and months creating something and they spent a few hours marketing it. And then they just make a feeble attempt to sell and then give up. They do the formula reverse or I want you to do the formula in the right order.

First is to create just for one hour, ten minutes or five minutes. Then communicate it ten times. So if you sit down for five minutes, then market it for 50 minutes. So ten times five is 50. Fifteen minutes is like about an hour. So, market for an hour. Go on Facebook, go on social media, send out an email.

So if you spend five minutes creating one video, spend the next one hour publishing it, uploading it to all areas. Creating content to have descriptions, scheduling it on all your Facebook pages, your groups. Writing an email to your list to sell them, uploading it to your website, putting it on YouTube, putting it on Vimeo, putting it everywhere, that's your marketing.

Five times twenty is about 100. So, another two hours. Spend additional two hours in actually selling it.

What it means is sending follow up emails, reposting it again because some people might forget, asking, taking the five minute video into and creating content, creating quotes, creating blog articles and again following up, posting it, selling it until that one person or all your clients, your entire group, your tribe actually watches the video and says, "wow, that's good, I'm going to implement it".

And they get results.

So you have to do a Facebook live and say, "Hey, I just published a new video. Take a look, it's going to change your life. Go, go, go".

So you have to follow up. Sell, sell, sell like crazy. That's when your idea. One video, one idea is going to change your life. That's how you become a professional coach.

You do the magic formula.

It's 1, 10, 20. Create four 1s, 10 times communicate and 20 times sell it.

That's it. There's no other formula. There's nothing else.

It's that simple.

Three words - create, communicate and close. I've talked about it in my fourth book, Authority Launchpad, you can get this for free.

Go to Chinmai360.Com and get the book. You can get the book for free. It's Chinmai360.com and get the book. You have the magic formula and plenty of other strategies in the book and that's how simple it is.

1. 10, 20.

Create > Communicate > Close.

Thanks for watching.

I'll see you later.

Hey, this is Chinmai Swamy, your host at Daily Dynamo.

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