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Hey, in this episode, I'll be sharing you one important factor. Actually, it is the most important factor in defining the success for your entire day. I recommend you do this, first thing in the morning. That's it. First thing in the morning. Let's go.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business?

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Hey, so the key thing, what you need to do first thing in the morning and when you do this, it's not about setting the day and it's not about getting work done.

This is one exercise. It's actually adding strength, building power to your own ability. The only ability which matters when you're a coach, when you're coaching someone who you help. You are using your skills, your talent, your expertise, your knowledge, everything about you to help solve one problem of your client.

That's what you're doing. And you're empowering the client to go and get their goals. And you want to solve their problem. Now, about you. When you wake up in the morning. The best way to start your day, and it has worked wonders for me. Well, before I reveal that, I want to share a small story.

For months, I would stretch in the morning. I would do Yoga and then I would go for a run and get to work. I would fully stretch and I would get to work. And, the day was getting good. The day was good. I got productive. And when I realized that. There was still so much room for production. There was so much room for production.

They were days where I would actually very easily could go the other side if there was a a personal issue or if there was anything which I couldn't handle, I would very easily go down.

So I knew that if beginning of the day can be improved, then I know the rest of the day, I can handle it. Set the foundation right to handle what it takes to be a coach and to run a successful, profitable coaching business.

Here's the key thing. What I started to do is I started to read a book, started to read one page of the book before I started my work. That made wonders.

One page of a book, any nonfiction book I love. I enjoy reading. I would take that and read one page. And just that one page of reading, It might take me two minutes and I would read some more, so I would read for five minutes.

And just that whole exercise of reading gave me new ideas, gave me new inspiration to solve my problem, how to tackle my day, how to help my clients, how I performed better, even better at my coaching calls and ask myself what really happened here. Just not reading. Well, I know it's reading, but what is the fundamental thing? What is the mechanics behind it?

Because, for years, I've known that reading a chapter works.

Reading something works in the morning because it helps you develop your mind. And I was like, OK, but what's the mechanics? Here's the mechanics. I understood this.

And it blew my mind.

My mind went crazy. And from then on, I protect my part of the day where I read, before starting any job, any task, before starting my day. I would read for five minutes. Even if I had read something earlier, I would read for five minutes.

Here's the mechanics.

When you read something, you are open to another viewpoint.

You are open to another idea. That means you are willing to add another strength. Another viewpoint is another idea to your mind.

Your mind is infinite. All right?

And if you have one viewpoint and it's very fixed.

If you have one viewpoint and you are very passionate about it or you're very stubborn about it, regardless of how your feelings are towards that one viewpoint is, You're fixed. No other idea is entertained with that one viewpoint. And that is not good because it doesn't allow you to be flexible, doesn't allow you to be powerful.

What is power?

Power is when you have another viewpoint. When you have another viewpoint, you can slightly become flexible and if you have another viewpoint, Another viewpoint, you are three, four or five viewpoints,

You add a 360 degree viewpoint, you add more viewpoints on a particular topic and it is suddenly whole. It's suddenly wholesome. You suddenly feel complete. On anything, you can handle the plus and the minus. You can handle any degree of variation in the topic and it won't affect you.

And that's what happened. That's the mechanics of reading a book, because when you read a book, you add another viewpoint to your to your arsenal. By adding that viewpoint, you feel powerful, you feel empowered, you feel encouraged to take action. You suddenly have the willingness to go and get the work done.

That's the mechanics.

So here's the thing. If you are feeling low, if you are not feeling like you start your day fully energetic, you go to the gym, you do a stretching and you're not able to continue your high productivity throughout the day? Then, take a break and read something for five minutes. Not twenty minutes, not half an hour. Just five minutes. Read for five minutes and see how your mind shifts.

Because the moment you add one more viewpoint, you suddenly see another possibility. You see the potential to grow another idea to your problem and immediately you will start to see yourself grow. You'll just see how effortless it is. And that is the key thing.

This is THE number one strategy which I use every day to change my life. And I wanted to share that with you.

I hope you liked it. And thanks for watching another episode of Daily Dynamo.

I'll see you in the next one.


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