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Hey, this is Chinmai Swamy. In this episode of Daily Dynamo, I want to cover the fundamentals, the first principle of how to go from amateur to professional. The first principle, this is the most important principle.

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How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business? At the same time, overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, So, what's the first key principle from helping you go from amateur to professional? This is simply called "Raise above your personal problems". That's right. Well, it's OK to have issues in your personal life.

Everyone's got it. Never let those issues come in between you able to perform yourself as a coach to help others. Never let your personal issues come in between you producing content, creating ideas, selling your products, creating webinars, producing books.

Whatever it is. Never let your personal issues come in your way. Address them. Handle them. The key thing is that everyone's got it. Every person on the planet has personal issues, relationship issues, health issues.

Well, how to manage wealth. Some people poorly managed well, some people poorly manage health. Some people have poor relationships.

Regardless of that, they know how to behave professionally. Why is this important? Well, when you focus on helping others, you will always focus on the goodness of the person and help them with your best intentions. When you do that, your problems will automatically get resolved.

You will get new ideas to fight your own problems. It's part of the game. That's why, when you help others, you feel good. It's not because you have given something to them. It's because you get the courage that you can solve your own problems. And with that simple courage, that voice, which tells in your mind that you know what, I can do something about my problems.

The moment you get that thought that you can do something about your current problems, it goes away.

Your problems, your personal issues goes away. Hence, no matter how tough your current situation is, whether it's financial or relationship or health, wealth, whatever it is.

Resist the urge to surrender. Resist the urge to look for reasons why you're not good enough to help others. Resist the urge to accept that you are not capable of helping another person.

Always push through and willingly help another person because you have the skills, you have already, the experience, the knowledge, the expertise, all of that is already inside you to help your clients and get new clients as well.

So keep going.

That's why this is the number one principle of how to go from amateur to professional. It's the number one. Raise above your personal issues.

And if you love this episode, share this episode so that your friends or someone else can hear this principle, because this, in my opinion, from my experience, is one of the MOST powerful principles to go from amateur to professional.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for watching. I'll see you in the next episode. Bye.

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