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Hey, in this Daily Dynamo, I'm sharing one key element. The most important factor which will define how successful you will be as a coach. That's right. This is the ONE. There's nothing else after this. There's nothing else. This is the one.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business? At the same time, overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, my name is Chinmai Swamy.

Welcome to Daily Dynamo. In this episode, what is the one key thing? Yeah. One key thing is.. Before I reveal that, I want to define two words for you, two important words which will change your life, which will change your business, which will also impact your life as well.

The first word is AMATEUR, the word amateur. If you know the etymology of the word and the origin of the word amateur, it derives from Latin, which comes as "In love of" or "Love to do". OK, so you're doing something just because you love it. So that's one word.

Second word - PROFESSIONAL.

The Professional, comes from Latin. It comes as "doing something for a living". That means you're doing something for what you love for a living.

That's right. Now you compare.

When I started my journey to become a coach, I was always told, do what you love, do what you love, find your passion and you will be successful. Well, I believed it. Well, I know it's true.

And I started to do only things I loved. I soon noticed that my success was not sustainable. I soon started to notice that I was finding challenges. I was finding more and more challenges and the same problem, but the same problem was getting more severe. So challenges are good in business where if you had different problems, that means you're growing, but at the same problem gets more worse.

Then, there is a problem.

That's when I realized and I looked up the word amateur and I noticed that everything I chose to do in my business, I chose only what I love. And I knew that there was something wrong there.

So I looked at the word professional. It is to do something for a living.

And I realized that whatever I was doing, it was not earning me a living. It was not generating income, and what I had to do, which would generate income, was not necessarily what I would enjoy or love to do.

So I noticed that there was a huge difference. And I noticed that in business, there are a lot of things you need to handle. You need to handle accounting, you need to handle tax, hiring people, paying, fulfilling customer service, sales, marketing. Things will go down in the server. You need to handle them.

There are hundreds of particles, maybe even thousands, but few tens of hundreds when you start off and you must be willing to handle all of them.

That's what I know that to become a professional, I needed to know every aspect of the business. That's what I did. That's when my business took off. So I now know, that in order for my business to keep growing, I need to work, operate as a professional, not as an amateur.

And since that awareness, I have taken everything on board, in the business. Even though I didn't like it, even though I felt disgusting to do or it felt long and I was procrastinating, I got into that task. I did it once. I found out how it had to be done, how my business needed to be done. And I delegated it because I knew how it had to be done. So I found the right person and I delegated.

Even though I didn't love it, I managed to do it because I had to get it done because that would impact my livelihood of income.

So that's how I changed my mindset about doing what I love and generating huge income, because I had to find a balance between amateur and professional to realize that I was doing some of the tasks in business amateurish and some was professional.

So I decided that I would just be professional and I went full time professional coach. That's why I was able to help close to a thousand individuals in launching their own coaching business. And I love my life and I built every bit of it. I created it and I did that being a professional.

So that's the key message.

Take a look at your life and see which task in your business, you'd love to do. And there are some you don't like to do and you're putting off and you're procrastinating and ask yourself if you continue to procrastinate and if you continue to put that off, is that going to help you generate extra income? Is that going to create more open cycles, is it going to drain your energy because you have to be constantly thinking about those tasks now?

So ask yourself which is more efficient. Yes, you need to be professional.

There are 19 principles to become a professional, and I will be covering those in the Daily Dynamo episodes. Subscribe. Stay tuned. I'll be creating.

I'll be sharing them every day. Just stay tuned. Subscribe to Daily Dynamo and you will get to know all the 19 principals on how to become amateur to professional, how to go from ATP - Amateur To Professional.

Thanks for watching.

I'll see you in the next episode.

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See in the next episode. Bye.

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