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Hey, in this video, I want to share a key, actually, the most fundamental concept, to create content like a pro. If you're struggling to create content like, for example, videos, podcasts, blog, anything. If you're struggling to do that, then watch this Daily Dynamo.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business. At the same time, Overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health. I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hi, how to create content like a pro?

Well, it's very simple. Let me tell you, when I started off creating content, when I started out being a coach and then I had a lot of information and I wanted to share the strategies I had, and I'd sit in front of the laptop and start writing a blog or switch on my mobile phone and put on the camera and start to do a video. And in each one of the scenarios I would freeze, like I would be like what do I talk and I would blabber on? I would not know how to frame my sentences.

I wouldn't even know how to have a call to action. I would struggle. I would probably end up repeating certain words. And I noticed that the other professionals, the other speakers, the other coaches who I admire and I look at and all the established brands, they don't do that.

All of their videos, every piece of information, content they produced was perfect. So I asked what's going on? I have knowledge. I have the same enthusiasm and I'm eager to help.

That's when I noticed. It's got nothing to do with my eagerness, nothing to do with my strategy or my content. But there was one thing missing, and I'm sure you can relate it too. The key thing to creating content like a pro is to realize that it's a two step process. That's right. First step is content creation. Content creation is creating ideas, creating solutions.

That's all it is.

So when you have an idea and when a thought comes to your mind, a strategy comes to your mind, if it's actually a good idea to solve a particular problem. You just need to write it down. Write it down in different ways, like in bullet points and a sentence, a line or even trace back to find out what the actual problem is, for which you got the idea because that's content creation.

You're creating ideas. You're coming up with new frameworks, new systems, and to help your ideal client. That's it. All you need to do for content creation, First step is a piece of paper and a pen and that's it.

The second part of it is CONTENT PRODUCTION.

That's right.

Now, content production is where you take the idea you created into multiple media formats. You can convert a simple idea. For example, take a look at this podcast or this video, which I'm creating, the idea that content creation is two step.

I'm making a video now and I'm going to take the same concept and create a blog. I can create infographics, I can create a twenty minute presentation. I can create a webinar around it. And actually I can also do a full day workshop in detail and help my clients practice the two steps of content creation, help them to create ideas and also help them produce videos, produce blogs, produce content. I can do a one full day workshop.

As you can see, it's creating one idea and producing many formats. So, you can take one idea and see how much and what content you want to produce.

You want to produce blogs? You want to produce videos? Podcasts? Or simply quotes? Or social media posts, anything.

And that's the production part.

So very often if you were sitting straight, you're going straight to production without creating is when you have the freeze, when you would be like, what do I do next? Like, what do I speak, how do I create, what colours do I use? What graphics do I use? Like who do I delegate it to.

You're in confusion because you haven't created it. Because when you're creating you are thinking of the problem you're solving, you're thinking of your ideal client. You're thinking of all those key elements when you're creating.

Once you create, you have embedded the brand, your target audience, your products, you product you want to upsell or the call to action. You want to have all that in the creation. And then when you produce, you know exactly what to produce. So once you produce, then you go on to HootSuite or any scheduling software you have or any person you want to, to go and market and go and share what you produced.

That's the next step.

So as you can notice, just content production and content creation is a two step process. You create your idea first and then you produce them.

That's right. So I hope you enjoyed it. I want you to see how you can take this idea which you got and visit your camera and create a video and start producing content.

I hope you like this video. Bye.

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