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Hi. This is Chinmai Swamy and welcome to another episode of Daily Dynamo. I'm recording this at 3 AM in the morning and I got this amazing idea and I wanted to share this with you. This idea has helped me get the success I wanted.

If you are watching or listening on podcast means you're a coach or an expert, an author and you're here to change other people's lives. You are here to make a difference. And also earn some money. That's the point of Daily Dynamo. It is to boost your confidence and increase your sales.

That's it. Nothing else. So the idea I want to share with you is something so simple and yet so profound.

Here it goes.

All the success you have experienced so far, everything what you have right now, all the happiness, all the goodness, all the things you're proud of, you have achieved because you were willing to learn something new. You were willing to learn a new viewpoint. You were learning to accept a new idea. You were learning to consider a new idea from me or from another person, a book you read or a video you watched on YouTube, anything.

You were willing to experience it. Now, the moment you experience it, I want you to think that you can experience more. Just when you thought you had experienced the best.

Here's the secret, simple idea that you can experience more. And the only thing you have to do is be WILLING to have another idea, be willing to have another viewpoint. So if you have enjoyed these Daily Dynamos, be willing to have another episode of Daily Dynamo.

If you have read your favorite book on making money, If you read a book on investment and you found like this is the best investment model and you think of all the investment models you have read and this is the best investment model, then at that point, entertain the idea that there is another viewpoint, there's another investment model that you can work with.

And that, my friend, is going to help you break through barriers, break through your own levels of amazingness because you're awesome.

And that's why I wanted to share this with you. This Daily Dynamo episode is special. And I made it just for you. I hope you like it. Hope you enjoy it.

And if you do, let me know what you thought about it, what you enjoyed most in the comments. And if you're listening to it on podcast, connect with me. Send me an email to connect@chinmaiswamy.com and you will know how to tell me what you felt.

And if you want to know more or engage with me more, then it's simple. Just join my Facebook group where you and I can have more conversations on a different level, and you can join that by going to Chinmai360.com and you have all the links. You can connect with me.

And that's it.

Thanks for listening to this amazing Daily Dynamo. I'll see you in the next one. Bye.

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