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Hey, in this Daily Dynamo, I want to share a powerful way on how you can start selling. If there's anything which is stopping you from selling your coaching programs, There's one thing which is just stopping you.

This is the episode you've been waiting for.

How to help others using your knowledge, skills and expertise and build a profitable online business. At the same time, overcome daily challenges of self-doubt and procrastination while maintaining relationships and good health.

I'm Chinmai Swamy and welcome to Daily Dynamo for short and powerful episodes with proven strategies and systems to boost your confidence, increase your sales and get virtual clients.

Hey, How to sell? What is stopping you from selling? And why you are struggling to sell? Let's address all of that in this episode.

Your clients, if they feel you are being very pushy, like, oh, stop selling, oh, he's so rude or she is just selling me all the time. Well, here's the thing. What's missing is that you are not SERVING enough.

You are not serving.

What does it mean by serving? Serving is, you have to help your prospect get results. That's the key thing. The only reason they pay you money is because they feel they can change, they can use. So here's a definition of money. Money is confidence. It's a promise, backed by confidence. OK? The definition of money is promise, backed by confidence.

So it's a promise you're making. You're making the promise, oh, I'm going to help you lose weight. I'm going to help you start a business. So I'm going to help you get marketing done. So you're making a promise.

The confidence is from your prospect. And here's the key thing. The confidence is not that the prospect should have confidence, not in you. The prospects should have confidence in themselves.

That's the key thing. I repeat it again. The prospects should have confidence in themselves because it's got nothing to do with you, because your ability to generate, to deliver your promise is yours. You'll do that. You'll take care of that.

Only thing prospect need to worry is whether they have the confidence to implement what you're telling them to implement, if they have the confidence to change their life, to get results, if they have the confidence to take action because they know what you are giving them, what you're offering them can help them because they have come to the point where they are asking you for about your product, they want to know more about your product.

That means they already know you can help them.

OK, it's there. Now, from that point, from the moment they asked you about your product, that means you should know that they have already considered your product and they know you can help them. From then on, it's all about you building courage and confidence in them, in your prospect that they can deliver the results.

So all the objections you get is you prospect telling or they can't do that is telling them that they are hiding behind these fears. They are not willing to change. They are struggling to take action.

Even if you give them the best strategy, they are going to struggle because they don't have total confidence in themselves. So your sales process is about raising the confidence, raising the courage in your prospect.

That's what you need. So your sales funnel is about giving small things for free. It is for taking them to take action. It is sharing them small strategies so they actually implement and they get results, the smallest strategy so they can get results.

Like, for example, if you are about, say, marketing, if you're going to help your prospect get better at marketing, you have to convince them that they can market themselves. That's the key. That they have the courage to market the business.

So first is, you need to tell them. You need to give them an activity. You need to give them some tasks, which is preparing them to market. Like, maybe open up a social media page, open up a Facebook account for ads, or just create a post.

Something very simple that if they can overcome the barrier, that they can market their business, that they can do something which they have not done for a long time, then if you can help them take that one small step, they will have the courage.

Small courage. I know it's small, tiny. For you it's like, what the hell are you talking about? It's a small thing. But for your client, for your prospect, it's a massive, MASSIVE leap. You need to understand that.

So once you know that when your client is taking a step, they are going to love you because you have made them get results when no one else has done so. They are going to admire you. They're going to love you, and they're going to buy from you.

If not now, they WILL buy. You just have to keep giving them courage and about how to close and how to overcome objections. I'll do another episode of Daily Dynamo for you.

But for now, this episode, I just need you to know if your prospect has come to you for asking about your product, then they already know that you can help them.

All you have to do is help them gain courage in themselves because that's what it is. Because they know your promise. They trust you. If they already start talking with you,
if they're already in communication with you through your website, they are receiving your emails, they are booking a call with you or a coaching call.

That means they trust you. That's already implied.

OK, Ask yourself.

Would you talk to a stranger you don't trust, you wouldn't even entertain the concept of having a conversation. If you're having a conversation with someone, that means there's one element of trust. There's a tiny element of trust. So the same thing goes with your prospect. The prospect is in communication with you. That implies they trust you and your ability to make promises.

Now only thing you need to do in the sales call, the sales process or the sales funnel is raise their confidence in themselves by giving tiny, tiny, tiny tasks, which they can get the results immediately. And that is how you sell.

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