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Hey, in this episode of Daily Dynamo, I want to talk about something very powerful.

It's called distractions. How you can beat distractions, because I know you set your goals, your agenda for the day and there will be distractions if you want to go from A to B, and if there are distractions and you're going to get deviated, you're going to go left and right and whether you'll be going. You will be delayed to get to your destination.

Right. So distractions are powerful. That's what I've been taught. Are they really powerful? Let's take a look.

Distractions are really weak.

That's right. You heard me right.

Distractions are very weak because they're weak. They shout louder. They want drama because distractions are weak.

They create more chaos.

They want your attention.

So all the distractions you get on your way from A to B are distractions of tiredness, distractions of lack of sleep or distractions of lack of energy or lack of money or noise or any distractions, any excuses. All these are distractions.

The story you tell yourself for not getting to your destination.

That's a distraction.

So they're really weak. That's true. That's the hardest part for you to understand.

It took me to understand. Every distraction can be easily overcome by simply focusing on the intention of going from A to B just for maybe five or ten seconds.

Just look, set yourself on the intention and you don't have to write your intention. You don't have to count ten seconds. You just have to read your intention for the day.

That's why in the previous episode I said about setting intentions.

I spoke about setting your intentions for the day because once you set your intention for the day, it adds focus and it also helps you to eliminate distractions.

So when you read your intention the focus on any distraction goes away.

Each time you read your intention, distractions get even more weaker.

That's right.

So the key takeaway for you in this Daily Dynamo is that, your distractions are weaker than you think.

So the next time you get distracted, you know that you are in command, you are in control, you are the boss.

You are the master of your life, of your day.

So the only way you can take back control, is to read your intention. When you read your intention, you're like, oh, yeah, that's what I want to get done today and you will set your resources back on track. Everything in distraction gets de-focused and simply moves away.

They're so weak they'll just crumble.

So in this episode, just enjoy your day. Just go from A to B, get to your destinations, focus our intentions and the distractions will just disappear.

This is Chinmai Swamy. This is your host. Hope you enjoyed it. If you want to get in touch.

If you want to connect with me, just connect with me on Chinmai360.com and you can follow me on Instagram and join my Facebook group. It's the most amazing place to be ( Facebook Group ) because that's a safe space I've created for you to grow and sell your advice online as a coach, as an author, as an expert, you want to have questions on overcoming your confidence, getting more sales.

Everything is handled in that Facebook group and you will be amazed.

So join the Facebook group.You will enjoy it.

Thanks for watching another episode of Daily Dynamo and I'll see you in the next one. Bye.

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