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Hey, this is Chinmai Swamy, and here you're watching another Daily Dynamo today, I'm going to share one little secret, one little tiny, tiny, tiny task, maybe a point which will help you change your entire life.

Trust me, it has done wonders to me and this will do the same for you.

OK, here's the thing..

Don't take your phone to the bathroom.

That's it. That's the key thing.

Why is this important? Because the phone, what I would do is when I would wake up in the first thing in the morning, I would take the phone, check my messages and take it to the bathroom and sit there.

I would just look at news, social media, look at my emails, look at all of that. For one hour of your day. No phone.

OK, and I'll talk about the importance of that in another Daily Dynamo, but here, when you go to any task, first thing when you wake up, just make sure that you don't take your phone with you.

Just relax. You don't need your phone. You will just realize that how much you can organize your day, how you can get clarity on the intention of the day without the disturbance
of scrolling through posts on Instagram, watching videos on Tik Tok or looking for comments and likes on social media.

All of that is just going to distract you. All you have to do is just simply… Leave the phone behind and start your day.

OK, that's it.

Follow this one key thing and you will see how powerful you are, and you'll start to notice how beautiful you are. And then you just notice there's so much to do for the day and you will get more work done.

That's the one thing which I missed, which I implemented and everything changed
in my life, so that's the key thing in this Daily Dynamo. It's - Don't take your phone to your bathroom.

I know it's a bit silly, but when you implement it, you will know who's laughing because your
better future will be laughing, you, your goals will be happy because you'll be able to meet them, all of them, you will have an amazing life. You will start to go towards it.
So leave your phone behind. You don't need your phone, OK?

Hope you enjoyed it. This is your Daily Dynamo. This is your host, Chinmai Swamy. I will see you in the next episode. Bye.

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