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Hey, this is Chinmai Swamy, your host of the Daily Dynamo, in this episode I want to share a powerful strategy which I apply,

which will help you to get more work done.

That's right.

We're going to focus on increasing your productivity.

So when you increase your productivity, everything else will follow through.

So what's stopping you from making a productivity better is one simple strategy.

Well, before I tell the strategy, I want to talk about how I came across this strategy when I visited my friend. And he is a coach of a local triathlon team. 

So I asked him, like what did you train today?

He said I asked him, what did you guys run?

Did you guys swim?

Did you cycle?

He said, no, we did. We didn't do any of that.

So shocked.

I'm like, you're a coach of a local triathlon team.

And you didn't cycle.

You didn't swim.

You didn't run.

What did you do?

He said we were working on transitions and he explained transitions are like, you know, the triathlon starts off with swimming. And after swimming, you need to get on your bike.

You need to transition from a swimmer to get on the bike. And after the bike, you transition into running.

So there are two transitions.

You go on and I'm sure there's a transition before you start swimming as well because you warm up.

So he told me that these transitions are the key in getting the performance, in tapping into your people,

peak performance in that sport.

So that's out of the water.

If the transition between swimming to cycling is not done the right way, the way the team, the player, the athlete would

would take time to get tap into the peak performance would make the difference of where they would be in the finish line.

They would be in the in the long cycle.

So that would play a model, a mental game.

And also it would give an edge the advantage.

So I never knew that transition.

So he said he trained his team, uh, they practice for two hours to get on the get from the swimming pool to the cycle in the park.

So they were training that for a couple of hours.

And that blew my mind, like transitioning.

I'm like, wow.

And I came across and I say, how can I learn?

How can I apply that in my life?

And then it occurred to me that I do three things every day as a coach, as an expert, I sell my advice online.

I focus on three things everyday.

What can I create, what new ideas, solutions I can create and what can I communicate?

These are the three fundamental things.

So I ask myself.

How do I transition between them, how do I transition from creative and being creative to getting work done from getting work done to selling the three different?

It's three different people.

It's like you understand, so I ask myself, wow, I need to work on my transitions.

And more importantly, I've noticed that I have to group my tasks in those specific areas so that I do all the creative tasks first and then I do all the marketing tasks for the next group together.

Then I do all the sales task groups together.

That way my productivity is increased and also when I focus on the transitions, it helps me to perform better.

So I'll give you an idea of how I transition.

So from when I start to do my creative work, I transition basically. I go for a run, I go for a walk.

And that helped me to keep my mind up to energize myself.

So that's one thing that I do first thing in the morning.

That's the transition into the day.

So how do I transition into how do I start being creative, creative is to come up with solutions, come up with ideas.

As a coach, my only job is to create solutions for my clients.

So I would start by first reading something.

I would just simply read.

I would pick up any book and just read for ten minutes.

And that the idea for me is to try to prime my mind, prime my ability to be creative, ability to take on a new viewpoint.

And that helps me to be more creative.

So find out for yourself what would help you to be more creative.

So I would do that after before every time

I sit down to be creative solutions, to create my great ideas.

Next, when it comes to marketing, I would prime the transition into marketing is that I would take a break. I would clearly demarcate.

There'll be a clear break time so that I know when I come back it's marketing. I would usually I change my shirt, I would go for a walk out.

I would just spend some time with my lovely daughter, Jia.

So I know that I'm priming and I'm just taking a clear time like I've finished my part of creative.

Now I'm communicating and come back with fully energized, fully feeling refreshed. And I would just sit down and just work on the marketing where I'm to market.

I have to be ruthless to share my message. Regardless whether I'm doing a Facebook Live. I should be doing a Facebook like with enthusiasm.

Even if there's one person watching or I would have zero person watching.

There's no one watching.


So that's the level of mindset I need to have in a marketing.

I'm writing an email when I when that even if there are zero open rates or open rates, which are not as good as it should be.

And so that ruthlessness that that the passion to write, to communicate should be high.

So I would focus on the positive side.

That's how I transition now to transition to sales. But I'm just before making sales calls or sales webinars or sales,

I would prime I would look at all the goodness in my product.

I would sit down for ten minutes before any sales call, before I start making before I do the video or the webinar, I would actually sit down and look at all the testimonials of my clients. I would look at I would I now my recent one is I would

make a list of five things which are which I like about myself, which I admire about myself.

I would make a list of those. So that would increase my love towards what I do, so that when I get rejections, when I get no sales, it doesn't it doesn't push me down because I can handle it. Because if I want to get 2 sales out of that, I need to be willing to get 98 no you understand.

So you have to have that willingness to embrace winning and losing at the same level of enthusiasm.

And that's for that you need to look at all the good things about.

You need to admire yourself. And that's how I do.

That's my transition. 

So look at your life, look at your day, have your POV you are proud of, start your day and see how you are going to transition.

From from each of the task, the first thing to practice before the transition is that for you to group your tasks into a particular

category, which you do. And if you are and since Daily Dynamo, everything is designed for coaches, experts and speakers is for you, you can. Group them into creation, to communication and and closing, so it's creating ideas, marketing your ideas and selling your ideas.

So that way when you group them, you will start to notice that there you can get more work done.

So focus on priming yourself, focus on the transitions.

So that's the key thing.

Group that group your tasks, then prime yourself.

Make sure to be aware that there's a transition and that will help you get more work done.

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Thanks for watching.

I will see you in the next episode bye.

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