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High Ticket Blueprint

In less than 30 mins you will know the exact 3 simple steps I took to build a program that made me $45,345 in a weekend!

Client's Results and Wins

Thanks to Chinmai who taught me that mentoring programs are valuable and how do design them, I launched a new mentoring program and got 18 students.

Moira Bush, Canada

He is ethical and will tell you straight up whether a marketing strategy should be used or not. He is logical and will spend a great deal of time explaining the next steps to take. He is honest and an astute marketer.

Lorna Knight, UK

Chinmai’s ethical business building strategies are very easy to implement and have made a tremendous difference to my bottom line.

Dr. Stacey Cooper, Canada

This young man walks in integrity and has keen insights into the business world and how to shift your mindsets and suggest new principles. Chinmai will help you get on top of your game.

Jim Hetherington, Canada

In 30 minutes Chinmai was able to understand my business and provide a simple and effective business strategy. I now use it everyday and my business is growing.

Jeff Ramsperger, Canada
Affinity To Affluence

“Chinmai has helped me focus, gain clarity and move forward by breaking down the steps into bite-sizes. Chinmai has great experience and knowledge that will help you get to they next level and win!”

Art C Guerrero, US

Chinmai has been amazing at helping me streamline my products and offers. He has the capacity to cut through the clutter and extract the gems!

He has given me the clarity to present my coaching program in a way that shows immediately its value and makes it effortless to say yes to subscribing to it.

Jeff Ramsperger, Canada
Affinity To Affluence

I had the opportunity to be coached by Chinmai and I am grateful for his unique style of coaching, such as helping with developing clarity of next steps and selling strategies to develop my business. He is a true leader at heart and is happy to help and guide other people. Thank you Chinmai.

Art C Guerrero, US

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