This is it…My Motivation (what’s yours?)

I was looking at some of the photos from my university days and it just hit me that I had taken a loan of $25,000 and ended up paying more than $30,000 back to the bank.

This made me wonder what has my Master’s degree in Rocket Engineering and Satellite Communication helped me achieve?

Why did I choose this course and only to change my career, quit my job (with a loan to repay) and start a coaching business ( newly married) – Risking everything I studied for over a decade to do something…

  • Which no one I knew had started a coaching business back in 2012.
  • No friends or family members I could rely on for support or moral encouragement.

The real reason I chose to do what I did and have the courage to keep going in that direction is to –

“Help individuals have the power to become self-employed, have higher self-esteem for themselves and have the courage to be self-reliant, so that they can have the confidence to create their dream life with family and friends. When more people are able to do this then the basic reality of the planet changes. When more individuals do this then the entire planet’s energy goes up”

Of course, I did not know this reason when I started…the real reason became clear as the years went by.

Thought of sharing this with you.

What is your real reason to become a coach?

The Cardinal Rule Of Coaching

Your ability to teach your clients is directly related to how much you are willing to learn everyday.

The more you grow the more powerful you become, allows you to be more at cause over your situation.

The trick is this and most coaches do this and fall into the loop of imposter syndrome.

As a coach, when you learn you are growing, discovering new abilities about yourself. You cannot teach what you learned NOW but you should teach how you would solve your old problems with your new knowledge.

Remember your clients are you when you started with all the same problems and challenges you had when you started.

Your current problems and challenges are different to that of your clients.

When you get a eureka moment take that new viewpoint and apply it to your old problems, this was you will help your clients get results faster than you.

Easiest way to find treasure

Hey! Hope you are having a great time!

How would you feel when you find £20,000 lying around in your own house and you did not know!!!

It’s crazy right!

Well that’s exactly what happened to me and my wife. This week, we were closing an open cycle and reconciling last year accounts and to our shock, which later became joy, we found out that we were not paid for one of our invoices worth little more than £20,000.

You might think that it does not happen to everyone, that’s true. The same cannot happen to everyone and will never be happy for everyone because the treasure is different to each person.

The key thing in this for you is to look for open cycles and messes in your life and when you close them, one by one you will find your treasure.

What are the types of open cycles and messes can you look for?

Digital – all the emails you have not responded to, deleted or opened, all the photos you have taken – not shared, duplicated deleted, you can clear your downloads folder.

Physical – the objections in your house you have not used for a long time, clothes you have not worn or not in use.

Spiritual – promises you have made and could not follow through, tasks you have started not completed.

As you can see the above list is just a start to give you an idea on where you can look for your treasures.

My favourite time pass is to look for treasures in my life, my business, my wardrobe, my emails and my journal.

Now you know one additional way to find treasures in your life.

Happy Hunting.

Relationships and Wealth

Are you upset with your partner or feeling that pressure of having to be at home all day with your partner?

I have been there, I like my office space and I do not like anyone interfering with my office when I am working.

Now, because of Covid-19 I have to spend at home 99% of the time. This mindset caused my productivity to drop a huge bit in the beginning and soon something made me realise what is more important and how it plays a very very important role in the success of my business.

Relationships play a big role in building business or how you manage wealth or in fact how you attract wealth in your life.

I’ve been very lucky to have found Rashmi Nagesh who has been with me close to 20 years.

That strong foundation has made us become best friends which has helped us to overcome some tough times in life and also enjoy the memorable moments of life.

We have always played the game of life together with high willingness.

Rashmi Nagesh you are my Queen who adds stability and Joy to life. ❤️

You make me feel like a King and ensure I act like one.

Thank you for being in my life and accepting me for who I am and allowing me to find myself.

Limitations Are For Losers….is it true?

I started my coaching business journey in 2013, I used to be a Rocket Engineer working as an IT Consultant – my work was writing requirements and specification documents, reviewing the systems if it is fit for business.

As you can imagine this is not the experience for being a business coach.

When I started I focus on the things I did not have so I made a list –

  • I do not have enough experience
  • I do not have client testimonials
  • I do not have a major success
  • I do not have a speaking experience
  • I do not have a professional website

The entire list was focusing on my limitations and I asked the next question which helped me get started and get established as the best business coach.

I turned every limitation into an asset and forced myself to be creative and resourceful.

When I used my experience to be my greatest strength everything changed.

The same list became a different list..

  • I use my Rocket Engineering background to help you design business systems which will get you results faster.
  • Worked for the big companies paying my huge salary, now you can afford me too
  • Developed gradient of products for clients to get to know me
  • Worked with clients 1-1 to improve my speaking skills, attended more local networking groups and did videos
  • Create a first draft website, improve it along the way

You always have a choice to focus on the limitation.

The real game changer is when you use your limitation as your greatest strength and work on being resourceful.

Of course my business has changed over the 7 years but I could not have got here if I had not started off with my limitations.

What limitation is holding you back?

If you need my help to help you convert your limitation into an asset then let’s talk.

Time To Kick Your Monday Blues

Hey. Happy Monday!

This is your day, go and create the life you always wanted.

You are enough, you are good and you are perfect!

This is your REAL truth, only when you can truly know it and get behind this you will find your success.

Your problems are never that hard…once you start working on it
Your pain is never that worse…once you start accepting it
Your fears are never that horrible…once you decide to confront them
Your goals are never that challenging…once you put a date to it

You are ready!

Your clients are waiting for you to teach them and sell them – go get them!